Q: Tell us about an initiative you have either launched or are planning to launch that has or will have a positive impact on your company’s digital future?

A: I have lead the development of McClatchy’s various innovation programs during the last 3 years. We now have a diverse stable of programs, designed to fit the flexible constraints of time, budget and resources. The programs teach our current and future leaders how to move quickly, follow the needs of their user and have faith in their own creative skills. The infusion of these principles is happening at all levels of the organization and we see it as a tool for the evolution of McClatchy and the broader media industry.

Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the media industry today?

I would say the ability to quickly evolve to meet changing consumer demands and expectations. Even in an age where we find ourselves flanked by nontraditional competitors, we struggle to embrace skills to help us compete and survive. Without embracing these skills, competitors will continue to steal our lunch and we will be challenged to recruit and retain top performing employees in the news and tech sector.

Q: What do you think is the greatest opportunity for the media industry

A: I would argue that the greatest opportunity lies on the flip side of the challenge mentioned above. By adapting mindsets that are more reflective of an early stage startup our industry will not only be more competitive in product design, but it will also serve a powerful vehicle for the recruitment of top tier employees that otherwise would be leery based on legacy brand perceptions.

What is your single proudest accomplishment?

I would say being promoted to my current role within McClatchy. I’ve been entrusted to change the way the entire company tackles problems. It’s an exciting job, I have an amazing team and I find the work of implementing strategic culture change to be challenging and fascinating all at once.

Q: Why did you want to be part of the LMA Board?

A: I wanted to join the board because I deeply believe in the LMA’s mission of transforming the culture and business models of the media industry. I believe the urgency of this work (both on societal and economic scale) are unparalleled and I hope my skills in innovation, entrepreneurship and design can complement the experts assembled.