Want to have your audience engaging with sparkling Fourth of July content this year? Here are a few things you could try:

1. A photo contest

This idea via Second Street shows how a newspaper created a fun contest showcasing patriotic pets. Some other gems in this link on quizzes and more from Second Street.

2. Are cities cracking down on illegal fireworks?

Lots of cities say fireworks are illegal but are they able to crackdown? Take a look over the years at the law (has it been allowed?) and how many incidents were reported. How is the city preparing for it this year? Or is your city relaxing their rules? Many states are.

3. How do fireworks work?

Ever wonder how complicated it is to put on a fireworks show? Do an explainer story or video featuring the company your city is using. Good example here.

4. Make a guide

Are there a ton of different firework festivities in your coverage area? Create a page or section with all of the details in one place for easy access.

5. What does freedom mean to you?

The Fourth is a good opportunity to ask readers to write in about what freedom means to them. Student essays is also a nice touch this time of the year.

6. How can you report illegal activity?

What should you do if your county does not allow fireworks but they continue to go off? Create a useful story that lays out how readers can take action.

7.  Protect your hearing

The noise of fireworks can be dangerous, especially for little kids. Help your audience be safe with tips from health experts.

8. Fourth of July movies

Not everyone loves fireworks. For those who would rather just stay inside, provide a list of patriotic movies they can watch.