When it comes to success in building a digital subscription strategy, very few can touch what The Washington Post has developed.

While most can’t meet their size and backing, the strategies behind The Post’s success are applicable to all media companies, starting with its data-driven approach to audience engagement and subscriber acquisition. 

On the Local Media Association’s next regional Innovation Mission to Washington, D.C., a visit to The Post will be a signature visit. Attendees will meet with the consumer marketing leadership team to discuss acquisition, retention, and engagement strategies that local media companies can put to practice.

To get you ready for that visit, we have rounded up a variety of interesting reading about The Post, their subscription strategy, their innovative approach and where their company is heading.

1. Digiday: Washington Post grew digital subscriptions 145 percent

This is from 2016 and takes a look at how The Post — so quickly — grew their subscription business.

2. Nieman Lab: A few factors and figures about The Washington Post’s digital transformation under Jeff Bezos

This is an interesting look at key numbers in big areas like digital revenue, app downloads and more. 

3. NPR: At ‘Washington Post,’ Tech Is Increasingly Boosting Financial Performance

Technology has been a big part of The Post’s growth with subscriptions and many other areas of their business. Listen to the story here.

4. Nieman Lab: The Washington Post’s ambitions for Arc have grown to a Bezosian scale

What is Arc and how is The Post trying to scale their content management system?

5. Poynter: The Washington Post is profitable and growing, publisher says

So is everything that The Post is doing creating a profitable situation? Very much so. 

6. Jeff Bezos lessons from Washington Post for the news industry

Speaking at an industry conference, Bezos offered his thinking on The Post acquisition and the future.

You can sign up for the Innovation Mission to D.C. here.