Those considering launching a membership program or wanting to improve what they are currently offering, will gain incredible insight from one of the most innovative approaches in the industry on the next regional Innovation Mission to Washington, D.C.

A visit to The Atlantic will be a real treat for Innovation Mission attendees seeking direction with their membership models. The Atlantic has been recognized for its digital/print subscription program Masthead, a premium membership model that connects members directly to the newsroom, features ad-free reading and listening, provides priority access to unique events and community experiences, and more.

We’ve rounded up some of the more interesting reading on The Atlantic’s membership as well as a look at what they are doing with their video strategy.

1. Digiday: Atlantic launches 100-year membership program

This overview explains how their membership program works. 

“We know there are a lot of superfans out there who love us,” Bob Cohn, president of The Atlantic told Digiday. “So we begin with that premise. The strength of our brand makes this notion realistic. Now, the challenge is to make that as sticky as possible.”

2. Digiday: One month in Atlantic membership program attracts thousands

The early numbers were pretty amazing. This Digiday piece provides some insight into what The Atlantic was learning in those early days.

3. Nieman Lab: The Atlantic launches a paid membership program for its diehards called The Masthead

Tapping into the diehards is a big part of The Atlantic’s strategy. This Nieman Lab piece explains how the program works and why diehards are so important to their strategy.

4. Ad Exchanger: The Atlantic’s New Video Strategy: Focus On YouTube

The Atlantic has gone all in with YouTube. Learn how that is working for them at this Ad Exchanger piece and in this Digiday story.

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