Those attending last week’s Innovation Mission to Washington, D.C. learned from some of the most progressive companies in the industry who are leading the way on building powerful digital brands, highly-engaged audiences and diverse revenue brands.

You can read about the entire trip on our special web page dedicated to the trip.

We have rounded up a few of the most insightful Tweets from the trip below.

We started things off at McClatchy where we learned all about what they are doing in audio.

Understanding what moves the needle and saying no to the stuff that doesn’t, is a key strategy at Gannett

The visit to NPR was a big highlight for attendees

That tiny desk was something.

Even a big publisher like The Atlantic has similar challenges to the rest of the industry

Industry Dive was an inspirational visit due to their near 100-percent ad model

So glad to have all 18 attendees with us.

Niche over scale, avoid shiny objects and repeat

Thanks for the nice words