Jodelle Bailey uses the term “ferociously” to describe how she thinks about what she’s doing today with the Sinclair sales force.

She is one of the newest board members on the Local Media Association Board of Directors. We caught up with the director of local digital sales for Sinclair Broadcast Group to discuss the work she’s doing to train the sales force, her personal accomplishments and the future of local media.

Here’s our interview with Bailey.

First, will you tell us a little about your background?

I previously worked for a software company and a regional airline working on online education/certification products. I took my experience with Learning Management Systems, curriculum content writing and my personal passion for journalism to move over into the crazy (and wonderful) world of broadcasting. I am fortunate enough to have grown my career through many roles in Salt Lake City: web producer, digital account executive, digital sales manager, director of digital sales and content. Under Sinclair Broadcast Corporate, I have held the roles of regional digital sales manager and now director of local digital sales.

What do you do for Sinclair today?

I educate, train, strategize everything digital in our local TV markets for Sinclair. I am responsible for working with markets across the country to help them achieve their digital strategies and monetary goals. I am a digital evangelist inside and outside the company.

What are some of the sales strategies and/or programs that you have seen be most effective in Sinclair markets?

The most important thing we do at Sinclair is ferociously train our frontline sales staff and the managers that oversee our sales force. A digital strategy is only as good as the marketing consultant putting it together. We are vigilant in training our people on each vertical and best practices for that vertical, how it should be used, and what results the client can expect and how long it might take to get the results.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your career?

Growing and educating new digital sales managers. Each market has its own set of challenges. I love sitting down with our digital sales managers and figuring out how we are going to tackle each challenge as a team. We create an action plan for their market specifically and put milestones in place to help those managers be successful. I love the individual nature of working with each market and I am proud of the people I have helped grow.

What has you excited about the future of digital media?

I feel a few years ago when using the phrase “we need to adapt or die,” many people agreed but still went about business as usual. Now, more and more people are wanting to understand all aspects of digital marketing and content distribution. I am excited about the shift in mindset from both the clients I work with and the consumers.

In regards to future trends, I am looking forward to seeing how voice search progresses and possibly disrupts the traditional paid search market, finding new ways to merge cord-cutting products with other tactics cohesively, and better tools for managing data.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Digital media is constantly changing. Which is both exciting or stressful, but luckily for me, I find it mostly exciting. The way I look at it, we need to be constantly educating ourselves, looking at trends, and experimenting with new technology in order to stay relevant.