FARGO, N.D. — The Local Media Association is pleased to announce that Modulist has joined as an R&D member.

Headquartered in Fargo, N.D., Modulist is a media services company specializing in processing user-generated paid content submissions for newspapers, among other media services.

The company, whose tagline is “Publish life’s stories,” provides an online portal to submit paid content, such as obituaries, announcements, and other milestones, directly to multiple media outlets with a single transaction.

Modulist’s proprietary software gives consumers a terrific user experience and allows its team members to focus on customer service versus the processing of data. And long-term partnerships with local media outlets help position them for the future by decreasing production costs and increasing revenue in integral content categories.

So just how does Modulist help?

The service is positioned at the intersection of user-generated paid content and production services. Modulist provides a first-class web portal for the intake of any paid content category, from obituaries to weddings to birthdays and more. Then, it handles the processing of the orders and all the customer service, sends the appropriate production/digital file formats needed to the media outlets, collects payment from the client, and ultimately sends the media outlet a check.

Simply put: Local media outlets keep the community content that is valuable to their audience, they profit from that valuable content, and Modulist decreases their production costs.

Modulist President Devlyn Brooks has spent 25 years in the newspaper business and understands the importance of preserving relationships with newspapers and their existing partners.

“Being a company that was borne of a local media company, the Modulist staff understands the sensitive needs of personal content,” Brooks said. “Our mission is to remember there is a family at the foundation of every one of these stories, and to enhance the media company’s brand with our work on their behalf.”

Modulist is continuing to develop its product as well, with regular new feature rollouts scheduled. Visit Modulist.news today to see the site in action.

For more information, visit Modulist.news or contact President Devlyn Brooks at devlyn@modulist.news.