When it comes to promotions, using a multi-channel strategy not only helps the advertiser but has been a successful strategy to boost revenues for GateHouse Media.

Rebecca Capparelli

At the upcoming Selling Digital Marketing Services Conference in Chicago, GateHouse Media’s Rebecca Capparelli, vice president of promotions, will talk about her organization’s efforts around bundling and packaging when it comes to promotions.

We asked Rebecca to tell us more about GateHouse’s work in this space.

1. How is GateHouse approaching bundling for promotions today? 

All of our promotions are sold with integrated media solutions designed to generate marketing and sales leads for our advertising partners. Generally, they include print, digital, email, social and niche products (special sections) that relate to their target audience.

In addition to adding promotions to client proposals, we are bundling promotions with events, special sections, and seasonal product offerings.

2. What sort of success have you had in this area?

We see that a multi-channel promotions strategy helps our advertisers extend the reach of their promotion and increase entries, which become marketing and sales leads. We do see what Borrell’s research shows to be true, that advertisers want integrated packages that are tailored to achieve their goals.

3. Why do you think the strategy has been successful?

Every campaign is, at the end of the day, judged by the results we generate for our advertisers. By following the best practices of building each promotion to reach the advertiser’s target audience, they not only get a strong volume of leads; more importantly, they get quality leads of folks who are interested in their product. They get leads they can measurably convert to sales.

4, Do you have advice for someone who is not doing this today?

Promotions are a great strategy to deliver measurable marketing and sales leads for clients. It’s a space all media companies should invest in. And I recommend that all promotions are built on the foundation of integrated media plans designed to reach the advertiser’s target audience. With that we are seeing our renewal and growth rates continue to grow.

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