Transact is a new kind of payment system designed for digital publishers that enables fast and efficient processing of very small payments. Operating like a debit card built just for the web, Transact eliminates the problems associated with micropayments in the past. Transact lets publishers monetize all of their content, from all of their readers, while reducing dependence on third party platforms.

  • Transact offers a simple, free software plug-in or module that supports the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and allows publishers to set prices, select free vs. premium content, and retain customers.
  • We keep visitors on publisher sites – we don’t aggregate or curate your content. We let publishers set prices, which can be as low as one cent (no limit on how high). And we take a small revenue share.
  • lets publishers determine the value of content, instead of advertisers, or ad networks. Note that value is different than price, but both are important.
  • creates opportunity for publishers to generate revenue from occasional readers. Not everyone will or can subscribe, but metered paywalls that drive away readers generate no revenue from non-subscribers.

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