Imagine being able to catch up with your most important research and development partners, getting to know new ones, and saving $150 on your registration all at the same conference.

Lindsey Estes
Lindsey Estes

That’s how one-on-one R&D partner sessions at the upcoming Elevate! conference, a partnership of Local Media Association and Local Media Consortium, will work. Attendees will get the chance to pick six companies to meet on Tuesday of the conference in Chicago, Sept. 17-19.

Here are four things you need to know about these meetings from Lindsey Leisher Estes, LMA’s director of meetings and member services, to best take advantage of this unique opportunity.

1. How do these one-on-one meetings with R&D companies work? 

When attendees register for Elevate!, each may pick six R&D companies to meet. To help them decide which companies to meet, they will see information about each company, including case studies, testimonials from clients, what the company does and more. Every attendee gets his or her own customized one-on-one meeting schedule for Tuesday, Sept. 17, the day the conference starts. Each meeting is 15 minutes and provides the attendee time to meet with the R&D partner, ask questions, learn more about company products, any updates and new releases.

2. What did you hear from participants last year about the value? 

The feedback has been amazing. This will be our third year doing the meetings and it has been a success from all sides. The local media executives love getting to meet with new companies and learn more in a more casual setting. We hear over and over that walking through an exhibit hall is not what works for every company, so this provides meaningful meetings for both the attendee and R&D companies.

The R&D companies walk into a conference with more than 10 meetings already scheduled, and that’s not something that happens very often at other industry events.

3. What’s the mix of R&D companies that will participate?

We have a wide variety, but one requirement is the company must offer a digital revenue solution or product.

4. In the one-on-one meeting time, what sort of insights can participants get from companies?

Anything from new product releases, overview on the company, problem solving for current clients, new research and best practices going on in the industry.

Here’s how to get started and a list of comanies you can meet. 

When local media executives register, they read the company descriptions, case studies and testimonials on each of the companies. During the online registration process they will be asked to choose the six companies they would like to meet with. Once they choose the companies, they will then receive a $150 discount code to use when registering. Note: One representative per company is eligible for the discount.












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Register for Elevate! by clicking here.