Those looking to strengthen or build out their digital agency will learn valuable inside secrets from a group that’s delivering high margins through their high-touch digital agency.

At the upcoming Innovation Mission next week in Philadelphia, attendees will not only dive deep into consumer revenue and data strategies but they’ll also learn how the Beasley Media Group transformed their business by doing all of the right things for their digital agency.

We asked Kelly Wallace, director of digital at Beasley Media Group, to tell us more about the company’s digital marketing agency and steps they have taken to successfully manage this part of the business.

First, can you tell us a little about your digital agency’s background and how it all came to be?

We formed our digital division in 2007, with a focus on streaming audio opportunities and website display ads. At the time, we were a traditional radio company, so initially, every member of the digital team also held a full-time position in other areas of the company (IT, marketing, sales, etc.).

By our second year, the demand and growth was so high, that we had three full-time employees dedicated to digital. Today, we’ve grown to eight digital team members locally, and over 30 at the corporate level, and our list of comprehensive digital services is designed to help businesses run effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

How did your agency help define what its differentiation points would be?

At Beasley Media Philadelphia, we have a firm commitment to coaching, ideas and results. We have the experience working across various industries to know what is going to bring the best success to a campaign.

Marketing and advertising require a strategic combination of art and science. Some small businesses see advertising, particularly digital advertising, as a commodity. Some believe they can save money by doing it themselves, or hiring a friend to manage their campaigns for them. We provide a full-service campaign, including idea generation, creative collaboration, strategic tool selection and performance evaluation, for the best return on investment.

Can you tell us a little about your integrated sales approach?

When you start with creative ideas and a laser focus on what the marketing campaign is trying to accomplish, it provides an opportunity to integrate various advertising tactics. We are fortunate to have superior opportunities in radio, digital, and event activation to generate results for our clients.

Beasley Media Group has experienced account managers who evaluate their client’s needs and design a campaign utilizing tactics that work together and complement one another, to deliver the most comprehensive campaign for the client.

What are some ways sales teams can maximize their client relationships?

We want our clients to know that we really care about, and are invested in, their success. It starts with solid communication, and we like to introduce various staff members so clients know they have a team beyond just their account manager, working on the client’s behalf.

We also like to invite clients into our office for creative brainstorming. Imagine 10-12 creative professionals spending 90 minutes dedicated to coming up with cool, custom and effective ideas to grow the client’s business. That’s what we do, and that valuable time shows clients that we care.

You can register for the Philadelphia Innovation Mission here.