Yesterday, Local Media Association, Local Media Consortium, and Google News Initiative announced a coordinated plan to educate the public about the importance of financially supporting local news.

The Support Local News campaign explains the need to fund newsrooms through subscriptions, donations and advertising. While Google has placed $15 million in print and digital ads with local media over the next six weeks, any news organization can adopt and adapt the Support Local News marketing materials to promote conversions at their own news organization.

Here are ways to get started.

1. Check out the Support Local News toolkit. It’s free to use as-is or customize. The toolkit includes assets for print, digital and social media marketing, with examples and more information in the campaign guidelines. Traffic can be directed to the media company’s landing pages for donations, membership, digital subscriptions and newsletter subscriptions.

2. Watch the on-demand webinar from Thursday, June 11, which showcases the toolkit and suggestions from teams at LMA, LMC and Google that can help local media maximize the value of the campaign.

For feedback regarding the local news organizations listed on, please use this contact form.