For the last few years, the ‘death of cookies’ has been a hot topic of conversation in digital advertising. Opinions are plentiful (Lineup Systems shared theirs) and practical advice has been scarce. But with survey data suggesting that many publishers are simply unprepared for what happens after the “funeral,” (with more than a third admitting they have no identity solution in place), it’s clear that the conversation needs to focus on practical steps forward.

That’s exactly what “Preparing for the End of Cookies: 7 Steps Publishers Should Take” is all about – leaving excess commentary behind and outlining what you should do to get ready.

Download the eBook here.

What’s Inside the eBook

  • A quick refresher on what all the fuss is about (The Data Landscape)
  • What you can do to get ready before it’s too late (7 Steps to Take to Prepare for a Cookie-less Future)
  • What happens after the funeral (What Does the Future Hold?)
  • Some smart people you can talk to for help (Contributors from Lineup Systems and Zephr)
  • More information for the A+ teachers’ pets among you (A robust source list)

Webinar: Expert Panel on Preparing for the End of Traditional Cookies

For even more advice on practically navigating this change to the advertising landscape, join us for a webinar panel featuring expert commentary. You can register (and take advantage of live Q&A!) or view the video on-demand here.

About Lineup Systems

Lineup Systems caters to many of the biggest, most iconic and innovative media organizations in the world. Our first-of-its-kind media sales solution, Adpoint, is credited with transforming media companies by helping to increase revenue, improve productivity and reduce costs. From our first two customers at our founding ten years ago, we’ve grown into the dominant force in media sales software solutions.

As an organization, we empower media companies with the systems and tools they need to sell more and increase efficiency across the board. And we understand how to do this because Lineup was started by a team that needed exactly that.

In the early 2000s, our founder and CEO Michael Mendoza, was the global IT director of Metro International, the same innovative media conglomerate that shook the world up with the concept of the ‘free newspaper’. Wholly dependent on advertising revenue, Metro struggled to find a system that would help Metro’s sales teams proactively generate more sales.

Determined to move beyond clunky technology and expensive infrastructure, Michael and his Metro team decided they’d build their own proprietary software solution. That solution was Adpoint.

Adpoint was so transformative for Metro that Michael launched it to the global media market under newly created Lineup Systems in 2009.