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November 16 Takeaways

Recording available here. 

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Using Texts to make personal appeals

  • Text-to-Donate is a perfect way to engage donors and create a seamless giving process that can be done from their favorite device. 
  • Givebutter has text-to-give capabilities embedded into your existing campaigns. Tell your donors to text a shortcode of your choice to (202)858-1233. Donors will receive the thank you, tax donation receipt, and gifts will be included on your Givebutter page. 
  • Create a Segmented Mobile Donor List – Before you start mobile fundraising texting, be sure to create a mobile donor list. List should include information such as whether or not donors/subscribers have mobile phones, contact preferences, opt-outs, etc. 
  • Personalize your texts – ask for specific amounts or mention personalized information about the donor. 
  • Clear campaign messaging – Be clear about the need for your campaign and its goals. Make your reasons specific and actionable, and highlight exactly why yours is a cause worth supporting. Include a call to action in every message: Ex. Give now, Click here to donation, Make a gift, and show your support
  • Create eye-catching images you can post on social media that include your text to give number and shortcode. Make sure you are actively promoting your Text to Give number and keyword across all of your communications, website, social media. Include it in your email signatures. 
  • You can tweet, share, and post infographics, pictures, and videos that explain the process. 
  • Update the audience on the progress to your goal. Are you only $5,000 away from hitting your goal? Tell your audience how close you are and discuss the importance of hitting your goal. Everyone wants to be the donor that fills up the goal bar, so let them know about your progress, so they have a chance to do so!

*Reminder: If you did not initially set up Text to Give or QR codes, you can do so easily by contacting Lindsey at

Success Story: Houston Defender

Staff and ambassador engagement

  • Ambassadors can help you amplify your message, connect you to new donors, and fundraise on your behalf.
  • Seek out influencers to help boost the visibility of your text-to-give campaign. By recruiting influential advocates, you’ll inspire new donors to trust you and contribute.
  • Have a plan in advance for how staff will participate and amplify your message – what communication/marketing activities will they engage in?
  • Do you have ambassadors that represent different communities of supporters?
  • Tips
    • Provide clear expectations
    • Share toolkit, with ready-to-use content and materials.
    • Update ambassadors throughout the campaign/day on your progress.
    • Don’t forget to say thank you to your ambassadors!

Staff and ambassador engagement resources

Marketing Materials

November 2, 2021

Presentation | Video Recording
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Top takeaways:

Giving Tuesday Campaign Goal 

  • It’s a best practice to create a campaign goal specifically for Giving Tuesday, which can serve as the framework for your Giving Tuesday campaign. 
  • It also gives your donors a concrete vision to support.
  • Potential options – dollar amount goal, # of donors goal, matching gift
  • Leverage a matching grant to inspire giving. According to Philanthropy Works, a matching gift increases the likelihood that an individual gives by 22%.
    • Can you reach out to someone in your community and ask them to be your Giving Tuesday “match?” 

Communication Strategy

  • What channels and platforms will you use? Make sure you make your communications approach a multi-channel one (email, social media video, live stream, texting)
  • What are the key messages you want to convey about your project?
  • Think about your current audiences and who do you want to target. what messages will resonate with them?
  • It is important to develop an outreach strategy and communications calendar ahead of time. 
  • Be sure to use GivingTuesday graphics and the hashtag #GivingTuesday.

Social Media Strategy

  • Plan in Advance
  • Specific Call to Action
  • Get Visual
  • Interact
  • Check out this Social Media Planning Worksheet, a great resource from Blackbaud, the world’s leading cloud fundraising/donor management software company.

Staff/Ambassador/Community Partner Engagement

  • Ambassadors can help you amplify your message, connect you to new donors, and fundraise on your behalf.
  • Have a plan in advance for how staff will participate and amplify your Giving Tuesday message – what communication/marketing activities will they engage in?
  • Do you have ambassadors that represent different communities of supporters?
  • Provide them with ready-to-use content and materials.

Givebutter Highlights (Kait Cogswell  from Givebutter joined the call)

  • Text to Give – great for virtual events or personal outreach
  • Scan to Give/QR code – works well on printed materials
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising – check out this Givebutter resource, Peer to Peer Success, to see how you can leverage peer-to-peer fundraising for your staff or ambassadors. 
  • Givebutter accepts all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and digital wallets like Apple, Google, and Microsoft Pay.
  • Here are some additional Givebutter Resources as well as some tips for Video and Livestreaming

Fundraising Basics

  • Make a list – jot down 10-20 people you’d like to reach out to and connect with and include their preferred method of communication.
  • Set aside time – plan ahead and designate a time to reach out when you will be able to answer questions, have conversations, and thank those who choose to give.
  • Start the conversation early – You already have the details about Giving Tuesday, so go ahead and reach out and start talking about it. The more you are talking about it, the more people will know that you are seriously committed.
  • Tell your story! Why is this important to you and your work? What stands out to you? What difference will someone’s gift make? What impact will it have in your community?
  • Be donor-centric- Don’t forget to let your contacts know that their gift is important! Your language should center around the donor, for example, “Because of your support…” Your gifts allows us to …”

Other Ideas/Strategies

  • Add Giving Tuesday logo and link to your Givebutter page to your email signature
  • Share “I give because” videos or photos from key supporters and share them as part of the campaign
  • Live streams during the day talking about your campaign
  • Consider using memes, social stories and videos, and unique hashtags

Thanking Your Donors

  • Keep in mind: donors who receive a thank you message in a timely manner are 4 times more likely to give again
  • Monitor your Givebutter page all-day November 30 and thank donors in real-time.
    Tip: Add your name to the comment on your Givebutter page 
  • Remind donors of the impact of their gifts. Thank and update them frequently to establish a stronger connection to your work. 
  • Send a thank you text or email or make a quick call to say thanks
    • LMA staff will pull a list of Giving Tuesday donors (who opt in) on December 1 so you can send a timely thank you and allow you to update your supporters on Giving Tuesday results. 
  • Shout on social media channels (with their permission)
    • Public positive acknowledgment inspires others to follow along because people love to be recognized for doing good stuff. One option is to repurpose the donor comments left on your Givebutter page.

Marketing Materials

Success Story – Long Beach Post 


October 14, 2021

Presentation | Video Recording
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Top takeaways:

  • Check Donations
    • Please complete an Offline Donor Form to notify Local Media Foundation of each check donation to your 2021 Local News Fund campaign. 
    • The Offline Donor Form can be completed online, or printed and mailed along with a donation check.
    • Checks should be made payable to Local Media Foundation and include your Organization Name in the memo field. 
    • Checks should be mailed to: Local Media Foundation, P.O. Box 85015, Chicago, IL 60689-5033. 
  • Fundraising Materials 
    • All fundraising solicitations (print and email) should include the following language:
      1. Organization Name — 2021 Local News Fund is a program administered by Local Media Foundation, tax ID #36‐4427750, a Section 501(c)(3) charitable trust affiliated with Local Media Association. Funds donated to this program support local journalism projects to inform and educate the public on critical local issues. Through this program, LMF provides funds to this news organization and many others to support these important efforts. Contributions to this program are tax-deductible to the full extent of U.S. law; please consult a tax advisor for details.
  • Word in Black Email Campaign 
    • Power of images – add photo of person/people sending the message
    • Be transparent and honest in your messaging 
    • Consider power of important community members sharing your message 
    • Make sure it is easy to find the subscribe/donate button on your pages
  • Giving Tuesday
    • Tuesday, November 30 – 47 DAYS FROM TODAY
    • Giving Tuesday (November 30) is a great opportunity to bolster support for your 2021 Local News Fund, leveraging the attention the #GivingTuesday slogans will be getting on social media. 
    • We strongly recommend you consider special content, and social media, email, and advertising push timed for November 30.
    • A folder of resources has been added to the Participant Resource Folder