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Monday, May 2

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Ad Forecast 2032: Dramatic Changes Ahead

If you think it’s been a bumpy ride over the last decade then you better buckle up, because major turbulence is on its way. The Borrell Associates 2032 advertising forecast is something that every local media company needs to understand and digest. 

In this session, Gordon Borrell will dive deep into the forecast. He’ll then chat with LMA Board Chair and Graham Media Group CEO Catherine Badalamente to discuss what the numbers mean and what companies should be doing to prepare. In addition, there will be time for audience Q&A. 

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1:00 – 2:15 PM: Technology Resource Center: Whom Do You Call When the Next Big Revenue Opportunity is Too Hard or Too Different for Your Core Team? 

Everyone has a day job, with monthly and quarterly goals.  But the next giant revenue opportunity is right there and you can’t get to it.  The GNI funded Technology Resource Center is there to help local publishers with small and large technological and business strategy challenges.  We’ll discuss two big opportunities and how the TRC can help publishers.

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2:30-3:45: Branded Content Project: Time To Make It Move!

A January 2022 report from Reportlinker shows that by 2026, video will account for an eye popping 89% of all mobile data traffic. How are we going to monetize this amazing opportunity? The answer is with Branded Content. In this short session, you will learn branded content video strategies that work across streaming, social and linear channels. 

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Tuesday, May 3

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Wooing, Winning, and Keeping Good People

Recruitment and retention have always been a challenge for local media companies–disruption and pandemic have continued to wreak havoc on the efforts to find and develop employees that you want to stick around and who actually will. We’re going to take a look at why people are heading for the door; learn some practices to capture the kind of talent we all want and need; and what it takes to keep a modern workforce engaged (and maybe even knocking down the door to get to you). Is it science? Magic? Romance? Is money the only thing that talks? To add a little more insight, we’ll review the results of a recent survey that asked people in local media what mattered to them in the career game.

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Reader Revenue Wins

There are many key ingredients to a successful reader revenue strategy, from pricing to email strategy to checkout flow. It’s easy for small teams to be overwhelmed with knowing where to start when it comes to improving your checkout flow. Hear from publishers who have successfully grown their reader revenue through either membership or subscriptions. Our panelists will share tactics that companies can apply right away.

1:00-2:15 PM: Reader revenue wins panel on membership

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2:30-3:45 PM: Reader revenue wins panel on digital subs

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Wednesday, May 4

1:00-2:15 PM: Journalism Funded by Philanthropy – New revenue to sustain essential reporting

36 newsrooms have raised more than $7 million to fund essential local reporting, from investigative to bilingual coverage. Hear 5 lessons learned from two cohorts of LMA’s Lab for Journalism Funding about how Philanthropy can be a sustaining funding pillar for journalism.

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2:30-3:45 PM: Connected TV

CTV Analytics – CTV consumption is growing rapidly, but you must be on multiple platforms to capture the audience and revenue.  Our panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities of having their channels distributed across multiple O&O, vMVPDs and FAST platforms.  Audience and revenue measurement and reporting is paramount in the new streaming economy.  Hear how broadcasters and R&D partners are managing the audience shift.

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