LMA Consultant

Brooke Warner

Having passionately dedicated her 25+ year career to helping local and niche media thrive, Brooke Warner is an award-winning Internet pioneer and media transformation thought leader always on the lookout for trends and market opportunities to build revenue models, and create significant audience wins. She’s worked in markets of all sizes, rolled up her sleeves with individual SMBs in leadership roles, been instrumental to the success of a handful of early-stage start-ups, and has had the distinct pleasure of working strategically with some major brands such as Red Bull, Adidas, and Shark Week for Discovery. She has ecommerce experience with Amazon sales optimization and advertising, and has been a prolific content producer of every type including news, online media, television programming, OTT, and feature films. A communications and political science major, she recently earned a digital transformation certificate from Cambridge University.  Warner’s core belief is that local media health and community health are integral to one another.

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