Managing Director, LMA Technology Resource Center

Guy has been at the front edge of media disruption for the past 25 years. His unique strength is his breadth of knowledge and diverse experience working in national media, media technology start-ups and local broadcasters and news organizations. His career has spanned from working at Macworld Magazine, Ziff-Davis, The New York Times where he worked in research, strategy, marketing and product management roles, to his role as Chief Digital Officer at Calkins Media.

He is a nationally recognized expert in local media mobile, OTT/video and edition-based publishing as well as paid subscription models. Guy has been named Local Media Associations Innovator of the Year for his work bringing OTT and digital video to local news organizations. Calkins Media won the Mega Innovation Award for its digital video efforts.

Originally from Hawaii, Guy is a boomerang Pacific Northwester residing in West Linn, Oregon, with his wife Heather and daughter Jennifer.

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