Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018

9:00 AM: Who’s Doing Well, and How Do You Know? Market leaders look more like agencies than media companies.

  • Gordon Borrell, CEO, Borrell Associates DOWNLOAD

9:20: Market Leader Presentation: Townsquare Interactive

  • Tim Pirrone, President and General Manager, Townsquare Interactive DOWNLOAD

10:00: Differentiating Your Brand in a Highly Competitive Ecosystem

  • Stephanie Slagle, Director of Digital, WBNS DOWNLOAD
  • Lisa Bishop, Chief Digital Officer, Heartland Media DOWNLOAD

11:00: Market Leader Presentation: Belo+Co.

  • Jared Merves, Chief Digital Officer, Belo+Co. DOWNLOAD

11:40: Fishing Downstream: How To Target the ‘S’ in SMBs

  • Perry Evans, President, ThriveHive DOWNLOAD

1:30: Market Leader Presentation: The High Road Agency

  • Rob Bunch, Managing Director, The High Road Agency DOWNLOAD

2:15: Talent Acquisition & Retention

  • Andrea Rowan, General Manager, Excelerate Digital (McClatchy)

3:00: Customer Retention Best Practices

  • Amber Aldrich, Senior Sales Director, The Seattle Times
  • Jay Horton, President, WEHCO Digital DOWNLOAD

3:45: Selling Digital Marketing Services Case Studies

  • Matthew Poehls, Digital Sales Manager, Chicago Region, iHeartMedia Markets Group DOWNLOAD
  • Justin Shively, Regional Sales Manager, Quincify DOWNLOAD

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018

9:15:  Tapping the Lucrative Real Estate Vertical: How Digital Services Serves Them Well

  • Jim Brown, VP of Sales, Borrell Associates DOWNLOAD

9:45: How To Use Digital Services To Drive Traditional Media Sales.  

  • John Halford, VP, Pikewood Digital/WV Radio Group DOWNLOAD
  • Kerin Rue, Corporate Director of Online Advertising, Adams Outdoor Advertising & Fairway Outdoor DOWNLOAD

10:45: Where’s the profit? What products sell best? What should you be making in your market?

  • Gordon Borrell, President, Borrell Associates