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  • Giving Tuesday Ideas/Strategies
    • Update your Givebutter page with a Giving Tuesday campaign goal and add other Giving Tuesday images or text.
    • Create a Giving Tuesday email signature with a link to your Givebutter page
    • Share “I give because” videos or photos from key supporters and share them as part of the campaign
    • Memes, social stories and videos, and unique hashtags
    • Live streams during the day talking about your campaign
    • Utilize Video
      • Fundraising campaigns that feature personal videos raise 150% more than those that don’t. Video testimonials with personal stories make viewers feel emotionally connected and help them understand what their money or time will accomplish.
  • Video Examples
  • Staff/Ambassador/Community Partner Engagement
    • Ambassadors can help you amplify your message, connect you to new donors, and fundraise on your behalf.
    • Have a plan in advance for how staff will participate and amplify your Giving Tuesday message – what communication/marketing activities will they engage in?
    • Do you have ambassadors that represent different communities of supporters?
    • Tips
      • Provide clear expectations
      • Share toolkit, with ready-to-use content and material – Share a template they can use to easily post to their social networks
      • Update ambassadors throughout the campaign/day on your progress.
      • Don’t forget to say thank you to your ambassadors!
    1. Latino Communities Reporting Lab Ambassador Toolkit
  • Thanking Your Donors
    • Keep in mind: donors who receive a thank you message in a timely manner are 4 times more likely to give again
    • On your Givebutter page – monitor all-day November 30 and thank donors in real-time. Tip: Add your name to the comment on your Givebutter page 
    • Remind donors of the impact of their gifts. Thank and update them frequently to establish a stronger connection to your work. 
    • Send a thank you text or email or make a quick call to say thanks
      1. We will pull a list of Giving Tuesday donors (who opt in) on December 1 so you can send a timely thank you and allow you to update your supporters on Giving Tuesday results. 
    • Shout on social media channels (with their permission)
      1. Public positive acknowledgment inspires others to follow along because people love to be recognized for doing good stuff. One option is to repurpose the donor comments left on your Givebutter page.
    • Handwritten note
    • Send a video thank you