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Matching Gift Tips

  • Kick off your campaign with a match
    • Start strong and build momentum for your campaign by kicking off with a matching grant
    • Build excitement: Get donors excited about giving
  • Get more than one matching gift
    • A match that kicks in when you get a certain number of donations can help you bring people who have already given back to give another time to take advantage of the match.
  • Offer a match during the final day or final hours of your campaign
    • Create a giving marathon at the end of your campaign by strategically using a matching grant to hit your fundraising goal
    • Stretch goal: If you want to go even bigger toward the end of your campaign, utilize a matching grant for a stretch goal that will help you exceed your goal
  • Tips for Matching Gift Ask
    • Breakdown matching grants: Not everyone understands what a matching grant is; be sure to break it down and explain how it will help your campaign
    • Be prepared: Do your homework on the prospect and be prepared to answer questions about your campaign, how matching grants work, and questions about your nonprofit’s financials and impact. 
    • Keep it simple: Your proposal & ask should be easy to understand.
    • Involve someone else at your organization: Having someone your matching gift prospect knows can lend weight to the ask & make it harder to say no.
    • Recognition: Talk about how they would prefer to be recognized, if at all. Do they want their name & logo added? Do they want to be anonymous?
  • Promote match
    • Get your whole team involved: Have staff, board members, and volunteers promote the match to their social networks
    • Anywhere you promote your campaign: If you’re talking about the campaign, promote the match!

Giving Tuesday Do’s and Don’ts
The Giving Block

  • Do… Be ready with a plan for GivingTuesday—and plan as early as you can.
  • Don’t… Assume you’ll receive most of your year-end gifts on this single day.
  • Do… Isolate a few strong campaign ideas and build your ideas around them.
  • Don’t… Try to execute on every single online fundraising you find on the internet.
  • Do… Engage donors via digital channels like social media and email.
  • Don’t… Assume your direct mail donors are unaware of GivingTuesday.
  • Do… Make an effort to achieve more than you did in the previous year, no matter how great the results were.

Stand out in all of the Noise

  • This year, a record 347.3 billion emails and 500 million tweets are sent per day. The average person receives 40-120 emails and sees an astounding 4,000-10,000 ads daily. (Source: Giving Block)
  • Utilize digital tools and strategies to boost engagement with your campaign.
  • AI tools can help you write content for your campaign
  • How to enhance your Giving Tuesday campaign with AI
    • Visit the Donor Perfect website for AI prompt examples for the following:
      • Content Creation
      • Content Optimization
      • Content Personalization
      • Content Organization
      • Content Repurposing

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