At Local Media Association and Local Media Foundation, we are looking ahead to 2022 and anticipating growth in our programs that help local media reinvent business models for news. One of our strategic pillars is sustainability for publishers of color, and we expect to grow our efforts most strongly in this area. 

This expected growth means our organization is likely to grow, too, as 2022 unfolds. It’s too soon to post specific jobs, but we do have some idea of the talents and skill sets we hope to add. If any of these sound like you, we would love to hear from you, in hopes we can strike up a conversation once our plans firm up.

  • Media technology strategy, including requirements definition, evaluation, selection and negotiation of enabling platforms for local media (especially digital advertising, consumer revenue/subscriptions/memberships, digital publishing, CRM and business systems); oversight of implementation, customization, training and optimization for newly installed platforms; and establishing technology ROI and economies of scale.
  • Media revenue strategy, including revenue stream development and optimization across advertising, marketing services, consumer revenue and/or philanthropic funding; sales strategy, training and development; customer relationship management; and revenue product lifecycle management.
  • General project/program management, including the ability to coordinate cohorts of multiple media outlets of diverse scales, missions and geographies; leading or implementing training and consulting programs; setting program goals and performance indicators, then measuring and reporting outcomes; and working with internal stakeholders and philanthropic funders at all levels to achieve program goals.

Do any of these, in any combination, sound like you? Great! Drop us a line if you want to be considered and kept up to date. Meanwhile, here’s a little more about what working at LMA/LMF is about:

  • We’re a small team running an industry association [LMA, a 501(c)(6)] that is focused on helping local media achieve their strategic business goals, and an affiliated charitable trust [LMF, a 501(c)(3)] that is focused on programs to promote sustainability of local journalism and news media. We came from all walks of the media industry.
  • You can work from anywhere. LMA/LMF is a virtual organization — always has been. We cover your mobile phone service and internet service costs. Pandemic notwithstanding, eventually you will need access to a good passenger airport, as business travel will be required.
  • You’ll focus most work time on your specific responsibilities. But everyone on the team pitches in as needed on all-hands activities such as: helping plan our conferences, clubs and experiential learning activities; contributing to our overall information publishing efforts; keeping our boards and membership in-the-know, and involving board members and committees in our work.

You have a good shot to succeed in these roles if:

  • You have extensive experience working at a strategic level with or for publishers of color, and understand the secular and specific challenges they face.
  • You are familiar and experienced with industry issues and the work of LMA and LMF to address them. Leadership experience in local news media companies is a plus.
  • You have excellent communication skills — oral, written and visual; one-on-one and in large groups; virtual and in-person.
  • You have initiative and self-reliance; are able to manage several equivalent priorities; are able to collaborate with peers inside and constituents outside of LMA/LMF; and are able to get “hands-on” as a key member of the team.

It may not work out if:

  • You have no experience, familiarity or interest in programs to improve the long-term sustainability of local media publishers of color.
  • You have no experience working in a virtual organization.
  • You are accustomed to supervising a large, multilayer team, or staff that handles most of the hands-on work for you. Jobs with us require management skills but also a willingness to get your hands dirty and do the work yourself, with minimal supervision.

Want to be considered if and when this happens? Send a résumé if you like, or just a note telling us a bit about you and your aptitudes for these programs, to We can’t make any promises except one: we will keep you informed as we proceed to develop these initiatives.