LMA Fest

Thank you to all of our sponsors. Learn more about the companies below.

United Robots is the world’s leading Content-as-a-Service solution for automated editorial content. The company provides automated editorial content from structured data using data science and AI, including NLG (Natural Language Generation). United Robots have provided some 150 news sites with > 4mi automated texts since launch in 2015. The company works as a partner to publishers who are using robots as newsroom resources to launch new verticals, drive conversions, provide real-time services, do geo targeting and more. US clients to date include Gannett, McClatchy, Hearst Newspapers, Forum Communications and Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Contact: Cecilia Campbell, cecilia.campbell@unitedrobots.ai

AdCellerant provides businesses access to high-quality digital marketing technology and solutions through partnerships with media companies and agencies.  Focused on generating results and growth for businesses of all sizes, AdCellerant offers best-in-class technology and software, award-winning customer service, expert education and exceptional operational support to ensure campaign performance for customers.

Contact: Benjamin Bouslog, Vice President, Business Development, bbouslog@adcellerant.com, 720.908.5445

Frequence is a leader in local advertising sales automation. Unlike other workflow software, Frequence is the most complete system on the market, connecting all aspects of digital advertising—sales, operations, and reporting—from beginning to end. We create smart, focused campaigns based on performance data from thousands of local and national media campaigns to level the playing field and make programmatic ad buying possible for smaller local businesses.

Contact: Anna Enerio, anna.enerio@frequence.com

Marketron is a leading provider of enterprise revenue and profitability management solutions for radio, television, and digital outlets. The company offers revenue generation and management solutions, ad tech and mobile advertising platforms, and an array of digital audience engagement tools that drive new growth opportunities.

Contact: Todd Kalman, SVP of Sales, tkalman@marketron.com

Nativo is the storytelling platform where brands and publishers can distribute brand stories at scale while gaining more insights about their content than anywhere else. 

For brands, Nativo enables storytelling at scale with the largest native reach and reveals insights that unlock return-on-content. For publishers, Nativo enriches monetization with the most comprehensive platform for next-generation ad formats and breakthrough technology for accelerated webpages. Nativo’s mission is to equip advertising for the age of content, improving the web experience and creating meaningful connections for today’s digital consumer. 

Contact: eapsales@nativo.com

Recruitology, a Jobcase company, is a recruitment marketing platform that combines white label job board software, programmatic job advertising and AI enabled applicant tracking. Our technology helps employers find the right talent quickly and efficiently through artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and simple to use tools. We provide unparalleled hyperlocal access to candidates, through the largest network of partner sites and job boards to deliver a cloud-based solution to recruitment, hiring and candidate management.  Jobcase is an online community dedicated to connecting workers and employers.”

Nexta.io is an AI-driven omni channel platform specifically developed to help local media companies make full use of the spectrum of digital marketing solutions in an easy, automated and campaign optimized way. Nexta.io´s AI-driven performance engine, NeOO, distributes advertisers’ budgets across digital marketing channels (such as Google Search, Facebook/Instagram, Programmatic and O&O) to unlock their campaigns’ full potential, increase ROAS and help publishers with their SMB clients’ multi-platform buys. The platform excels with its intuitive and quick user interface, self-serve capability and fully automated order entry guaranteeing significant operational cost savings for partners. 

Contact: Morten@nexta.io, 850 419 3033

With over 50 years of sales experience across our leadership team, we’ve built the platform we wish we had. We believe sales teams should be free to focus on selling and building strategic relationships, not learning the ins and outs of a vast portfolio of projects. We also believe sales managers need greater visibility into the sales process in order to help teams meet company goals.


BlueLena was founded by an experienced team of publishers, journalists and newsmedia marketing executives to create a sustainable future for independent local media. We do so by deploying world class technology, and delivering the expertise and professional services to build and support subscription, membership and donation models for long-term success. Our 150+ member publishing consortium represents a diverse mix of non-profit and for profit newsrooms, pure digital and print plus digital publications, as well as established and new media brands.

Contact: Daniel Williams, CEO, daniel@bluelena.io

Stacker is on a mission to empower the world’s publishers. We are building the most accessible, widely distributed newswire, helping drive sustainable models for journalism. Our 25+ person newsroom turns data and analysis into digestible stories, syndicated daily to thousands of news outlets and other digital publishers across the country. Stacker’s Newswire is made available at no cost to digital publishers, and is instead funded through Stacker Studio, which works with companies looking to underwrite authoritative journalism.

Contact: Matt Anderson, Business Development Director, manderson@stacker.com

Revcontent aspires to be the most trusted native advertising solution that will empower publishers and advertisers to achieve their revenue goals. Revcontent empowers publishers and advertisers to achieve their growth and revenue goals with seamless, effective, and trustworthy native advertising.

Contact: Mike Cassetta, Director of Business Development, mcassetta@revcontent.com

Social News Desk makes it easy for everyone in your newsroom to get the most out of social with leading-edge tools built just for them. SND’s publishing, discovery and analytics tools give you an advantage over the competition. Powerful solutions like SND On Air and SND RevStream make it simple to display and monetize social.

Lineup delivers ERP, sales, & subscription management solutions to help media companies solve operational challenges & identify revenue opportunities. Adpoint, our ad revenue sales solution will increase your revenue, reduce your tech costs, & streamline your operations. Amplio, is our subscription management solution built exclusively for publishers to maximize audience revenue lifetime value.

Contact: Markus Feldenkirchen markus.feldenkirchen@lineup.com 630-854-3734

AdMall® is the sales intelligence leader for local media and digital marketing executives. Used by more than 15,000 media sales and marketing pros, AdMall ensures account executives are prepared to speak intelligently about every advertiser’s line of business, their customers, competitors, and sales-building opportunities. AdMall PRO’s Digital Audit tool conducts a real-time data capture of any client/prospect’s digital presence in less than a minute. 

The world’s largest content Monetization Platform focused on Adventure Travel. 

Saambaa generates revenue for web publishers through a combination of brand-safe content and advertising from our owned-and-operated SideStage CTV platform. SideStage works with leading travel creators and brands to develop educating and entertaining offerings across a variety of global locations. Join the growing list of top media companies who have decided to monetize their site with carefully vetted content instead of clickbait. We produce comparable revenue to other content recommendation services without sacrificing your brand integrity. 

For more information contact Maria Gangat at maria@saambaa.com

Newspack is a hosted publishing solution for small and mid-sized digital news organizations that simplifies publishing and drives audience and revenue right out of the box. In addition to providing technology and services, Newspack helps print and digital publishers find a path to financial sustainability.

For nearly 15 years, PRConnect has partnered with publishers to place sponsored stories and press releases on branded websites while driving traffic to generate guaranteed revenues.   Using white-label technology, the content appears in its own section and is seamlessly integrated into the local media site in order to enhance the overall reader experience.

Cross Screen Media is a marketing analytics and software company empowering marketers to plan, activate, and measure Connected TV and audience-driven Linear TV advertising at the local level. Our closed-loop solutions help brands, agencies, and networks succeed in the Convergent TV space. For more information, visit CrossScreenMedia.com.