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At LMA, we focus on reinventing business models for news. We help local media companies discover and implement new and sustainable strategies. We identify best practices and provide case studies on emerging trends. We conduct research and analysis and share information in many ways, including labs, webinars, conferences, collaboratives, research reports, and more.

LMA develops unique networking opportunities, such as our LMA Digital Club and Innovation Missions, to connect leaders across all parts of the local media ecosystem to share, collaborate, and learn. We’re proud to be constructive disruptors, helping to accelerate media transformation.

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Though our mission is to benefit the entire local media ecosystem, LMA member companies receive substantial, distinct benefits:

Membership benefits


  • Free webinars: Stimulating, educational, transformative and focused.

Professional development

  • Conferences: Innovative and enlightening gatherings every year, recently including Accelerate Local, Elevate!, Digital Revenue Summit, Borrell Miami, LMA/Borrell Associates Selling Digital Marketing Services, Mega-Conference and more (note: conferences will be virtual through 2021, and until it is safe for attendees to travel and gather in person).
  • Exposure to hundreds of industry R&D partners and their products and services.

Industry recognition

  • Digital Innovation Awards: Enter this annual contest for free each year. Categories include: best local website, best social media strategy, best audience engagement strategy and more.

Business resources

  • Accelerate Local Update newsletter: Distributed weekly on the subject of reinventing business models for news, the content will enlighten your way of looking at the business of local media today.
  • Case studies and white papers on a wide variety of digital and revenue producing topics. Subscribe to our Local Media Innovation Alliance for reduced-rate reports.

We bring LMA members closer to the cutting edge, taking risks and developing new and exciting business models. Our members often break new ground and pioneer new concepts for the future of media.

If this sounds like an organization you should join, we’d love to talk to you. Please contact Lindsey Estes to learn more and get started — or if you’re ready to join, start with the appropriate application form from the categories described here.

Membership types

Please locate your company type below to learn more about membership pricing and select an application form:


Regular Annual Dues

Regular dues are determined by the number of Designated Market Areas (DMAs) the publication serves.  Single DMAs are $995 per year.

Corporate Annual Dues

Corporate memberships are held by the parent company and all newspapers published by that company will be considered Local Media Association members. Local Media Association’s annual Corporate Membership dues are based on total circulation:

  • Tier 1: Corporate members with a total circulation of 275,000 or less: $2,500
  • Tier 2: Corporate members with a total circulation between 275,001 and 775,000: $4,995
  • Tier 3: Corporate members with a total circulation of 775,001 or more: $8,500

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Regular Annual Dues
  • $995 for all outlets in a single DMA
  • $4,995 for national companies or those that operate outlets in five or more DMAs

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Other media/member types

Other types of media include:
  • Digital-only
  • Magazines
  • Directories
  • International (Available to local media companies outside the U.S.A. and Canada)
  • Professional (Available to educators, professionals and individuals not currently associated with a publishing company or an industry vendor)
Dues for Digital/Magazines/Directories
  • Single DMA/Market: $495
  • 2 or more DMA/Markets: $995
Dues for International
  • $799
Dues for Professional
  • $99

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Looking for information about R&D partner memberships?

LMA also offers membership to media industry vendors, suppliers and providers — we call them R&D partners. Learn more about R&D partner memberships.