Business transformation is one of our four strategic pillars. To LMA and LMF, business transformation in the local media industry can mean many things: innovations in advertising and marketing services; new approaches to sales and revenue management; new product development; consumer revenue and membership models, and more.

Current initiatives such as The Branded Content Project and past programs such as the GNI Subscriptions Lab reflect our commitment to researching, supporting, and leading business transformation efforts for the future of local media. We also believe work toward our other strategic pillars — industry collaboration, journalism funded by philanthropy, and sustainability for publishers of color — represents profound business transformation opportunities.

Here are recent articles on our work to support business transformation in local media.

New LMIA report available for purchase: Keys to enabling successful technology partnerships

In the dynamic landscape of media, identifying the key attributes that contribute to the success of media company partnerships is crucial for sustainable growth.  We reached out to Local Media Association R&D partners with the simple question, “What are the top five traits you see in your media company partners?”  Who better to answer this […]

4 ways to master audience engagement: Adriana Lacy shares vital tips for success

To bolster digital audience development and engagement for publishers participating in the Knight x LMA BloomLab, Local Media Association hired award-winning journalist and consultant Adriana Lacy, founder and CEO of Adrian Lacy Consulting. Based in Boston, Lacy’s firm specializes in helping publishers and businesses expand their digital audience. Here are four tips for mastering audience […]

Consultant Peter Lamb demystifies media sales compensation

Sales compensation is more than just a paycheck. It’s the way you communicate with your sales teams. Strategy consultant Peter Lamb recently shared his approach to compensation planning with participants in LMA’s Family and Independent Media Sustainability Lab. “Compensation is the purest form of communication,” Lamb said. “This is the foundation of effective compensation planning. […]

New LMIA report available for purchase: Building a bridge to digital success

In the ever-evolving media industry, an unparalleled convergence of extrinsic and intrinsic developments has emerged, disrupting the status quo and compelling companies to reassess their strategies. As technology and consumer behavior undergo rapid transformations, publishers and broadcasters alike find themselves confronting an array of challenges that necessitate prompt and strategic responses. The ascendancy of social […]

How to develop a sales and content strategy for streaming

As audiences have shifted attention to OTT, Connected TV, YouTube and other video streaming platforms, so have digital advertising buyers and sellers. What’s the right streaming product mix to grow revenue? And how do local media outlets cash in on the rapid growth of video streaming – even if they’re not native to television? At […]

LMA Board Insights: Prioritizing DEI in local media

After years of focusing on survival, The Seattle Times lacked a solid roadmap for how to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion company-wide in a resource-strapped environment. With cost savings, revenue generation and innovation at the top of the priority lists, goals of diversity, equity and inclusion sometimes took a backseat, despite the best intentions. At […]

Local media’s right to win: Elevating sales teams to be effective marketing consultants

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, local media organizations find themselves at a crossroads. The traditional advertising avenues of newspapers, television, and radio have been joined by an overwhelming array of online platforms, from Google and Facebook to Snapchat and TikTok. For small and medium-sized businesses, this proliferation of options can be daunting, often leaving […]

Reflections on The Daily Memphian’s five years of journalism

It is sometimes difficult for me to believe that we are approaching the five-year anniversary of The Daily Memphian. Some days it feels like it’s been just a few years. Other days, it feels like we’ve always been here in Memphis. Five years later, we are now the largest newsroom in the Memphis area, with […]

Gimme your email: The power of first-party data in today’s digital age

As third-party cookies decline, and search and social media channels become less effective for growth, gaining a deeper understanding of subscribers and potential subscribers is an opportunity for media companies of all sizes. This deeper understanding begins with the collection and appropriate use of first-party data. During this session at LMA Fest in Chicago, the […]


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