Business transformation is one of our four strategic pillars. To LMA and LMF, business transformation in the local media industry can mean many things: innovations in advertising and marketing services; new approaches to sales and revenue management; new product development; consumer revenue and membership models, and more.

Current initiatives such as The Branded Content Project and past programs such as the GNI Subscriptions Lab reflect our commitment to researching, supporting, and leading business transformation efforts for the future of local media. We also believe work toward our other strategic pillars — industry collaboration, journalism funded by philanthropy, and sustainability for publishers of color — represents profound business transformation opportunities.

Here are recent articles on our work to support business transformation in local media.

Five takeaways from ONA 2022 in Los Angeles

The annual Online News Association conference was held last week in Los Angeles and three LMA staff members were in attendance, speaking on panels and meeting with other peers in the industry. Here’s what LMA’s Penny Riordan, Apryl Pilolli, and Andrew Ramsammy took away from the conference focused on digital journalism. Solutions for increasing trust […]

The future of local video advertising is bright

This article is one in a series reporting on key sessions at LMA Fest 2022, Aug. 16-18 in Chicago. Here we report highlights of the session titled “The bright future for local video advertising and how your company can execute,” led by Michael Beach, CEO, Cross Screen Media. Should media companies be bullish on local […]

How media companies can undergo a dual transformation

This article is one in a series reporting on key sessions at LMA Fest 2022, Aug. 16-18 in Chicago. Here we report highlights of the session on how to navigate “dual transformation” — innovating your core business while investing in future business models with Todd Handy. One thing that never changes is the need for […]

Creating a sustainable local news model

The phrase “sustainable local news model” is one of the most talked-about topics these days. It’s top-of-mind for everyone in the industry and the lead topic in many funding conversations. To understand sustainability, let’s explore the basic concepts of a local news publishing model. In a simple formula, content plus distribution expenses must be less […]

Legacy Media

Let’s stop trashing ‘legacy’ media

“Legacy” media. We use the phrase as shorthand for “media that have failed to change with the times.” I get that. Lost, though, is another aspect of the meaning of “legacy”: what you are known for — your reputation earned over time for your work. A news organization’s legacy matters in three important ways, and […]

What a new CMS meant for 4 small outlets: LMF releases Knight-funded project report

Does a new content management system for digital sites deliver enough return on investment to justify the time and expense needed to convert? That question is on the minds of leaders at many small news outlets, and Local Media Foundation decided to find out through a program to implement a new CMS for four legacy […]

How surveys helped 5 newsrooms refine coverage and grow reader revenue

Twenty-nine news organizations from North America recently wrapped up the Meta Journalism Project’s Accelerator program, focused on reader revenue. Local Media Association staff joined and participated in the virtual workshops. The news organizations — half of which are owned or led by Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color — were invited to […]


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