Local Media Association and Local Media Foundation work to reinvent business models for news by focusing on our four strategic pillars:

Here are recent articles about our work in all four strategic pillars.

Collins: How Oklahoma research on news consumption came about, and how it will help

Last week, Oklahoma Media Center released a groundbreaking academic study sharing research findings on how Oklahomans consume news in rural news deserts and underserved metro communities in the state. Rob Collins, executive director of OMC, answered questions about the study and the upcoming training and grant phase. How long have you been with Oklahoma Media […]

Press Forward philanthropy initiative launched to drive local news sustainability

Major philanthropy organizations, led by the MacArthur Foundation and the Knight Foundation, will invest at least $500 million in local news over the next five years through the new Press Forward initiative. The details of Press Forward were formally announced on Sept. 7 in news releases from Knight Foundation and from Press Forward. Leaders at […]

Adriana Lacy to help 26 Black news organizations in Knight x LMA BloomLab with audience strategy

New efforts will enable audience growth and deeper engagement (September 8, 2023) — Adriana Lacy, an award-winning journalist and consultant, has signed on to work with the 26 Black-owned local news organizations in the Knight x LMA BloomLab, focusing on strategies for digital audience development and engagement. Lacy’s consulting will include reviews of each publication’s […]

Reflections on The Daily Memphian’s five years of journalism

It is sometimes difficult for me to believe that we are approaching the five-year anniversary of The Daily Memphian. Some days it feels like it’s been just a few years. Other days, it feels like we’ve always been here in Memphis. Five years later, we are now the largest newsroom in the Memphis area, with […]

Gimme your email: The power of first-party data in today’s digital age

As third-party cookies decline, and search and social media channels become less effective for growth, gaining a deeper understanding of subscribers and potential subscribers is an opportunity for media companies of all sizes. This deeper understanding begins with the collection and appropriate use of first-party data. During this session at LMA Fest in Chicago, the […]

Do the ‘right things’ and funding will follow

Liz White is the publisher and fifth-generation family owner of the 156-year-old RJ Media Group in central Connecticut, which includes one five-day-a-week newspaper, eight weekly newspapers, two websites and a digital agency. $0. When we graduated as a participant in the first cohort of the LMA Lab for Journalism Funding in April 2021, we had […]

How 3 Local Broadcasters Are Expanding Their Audience, Content Catalog, and Ad Inventory with OTT

For local broadcasters, over-the-top media (aka OTT, often used to encompass all forms of internet streaming including Connected TV) can provide an opportunity to earn more revenue from the content they’re already producing. Streaming options like live streams and FAST channels allow smaller television stations to compete against larger streamers by doing what they do […]

LMA Board Insights: Reaching new, younger audiences

I spend a lot of time thinking about audience. Mostly our customers, since I focus on subscriber retention, but I also spend a lot of time thinking about who isn’t our current customer: people under 40. I wanted to think it wasn’t an awareness problem. We have a strong brand! Our brand is everywhere! You […]

Getting to ‘yes’: How NOLA expanded its investigative reporting with philanthropic funding

Every good media salesperson knows: Overcoming a client’s objections is key to getting to “yes.” The same is true when seeking to fund essential local journalism via philanthropy. Since 2020, The Times-Picayune | The Advocate | NOLA.com has raised more than $2 million in philanthropy, dramatically expanding its investigative reporting to better serve the entire […]

Knight x LMA BloomLab Year 1 Impact Report

Revenue growth, technology upgrades: A year in Knight x LMA BloomLab

In the year-plus since the Knight x LMA BloomLab launched, 18 Black-owned media organizations participating in the lab (10 in Cohort 1, eight in the more recent Cohort 2) benefited from substantial progress toward long-term sustainability. The lab, focused on sustainability for Black-owned local news media and supported with a $3.2 million grant from the […]


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