Local Media Association and Local Media Foundation work to reinvent business models for news by focusing on our four strategic pillars:

Here are recent articles about our work in all four strategic pillars.

Three lessons from our first succession planning workshop

Succession is a perilous time for small or family-owned businesses, and community newspapers are no different. We often hear from publishers whose papers have been in their families for generations, but who need a new path forward. We also know that papers published by and serving Black communities play an outsized role in our nation’s […]

LMA announces cohort for Advanced Fundraising Lab

Local Media Association has named the nine news organizations that will participate in its Advanced Fundraising Lab, launching in September. These nine newsrooms have distinguished themselves by their combination of prior success at fundraising and their track record of journalism on behalf of the communities they serve.

Legacy Media

Let’s stop trashing ‘legacy’ media

“Legacy” media. We use the phrase as shorthand for “media that have failed to change with the times.” I get that. Lost, though, is another aspect of the meaning of “legacy”: what you are known for — your reputation earned over time for your work. A news organization’s legacy matters in three important ways, and […]

Aerial view of South Florida buildings

Miami Herald expanding climate coverage with help of local funders

When Jane Wooldridge, senior director for journalism sustainability and partnerships at the Miami Herald, reached out to local stakeholders to learn what topics they felt needed more coverage, she wasn’t surprised that climate change was at the top of the list. “I don’t really have to explain why — I live in Miami,” she said. […]

Oklahoma Watch and The Frontier coverage examples

Oklahoma collaborators focus on sharing resources to publish best possible investigation

The investigation was stalled. Jennifer Palmer, a reporter for the nonprofit investigative reporting team Oklahoma Watch, started looking into COVID-19 relief programs for education in 2020. Then Palmer began digging into Governor’s Emergency Education Relief funds in Fall 2021. “And I had kind of gotten stuck,” Palmer said. “I had a source who was pretty […]

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New LMA report: What we’ve learned from running 9 industry collaboratives

Local Media Association and Local Media Foundation have released a new report detailing lessons we learned from our work with industry collaboratives. We launched our first collaboration in March 2020, and to date, have launched or managed nine collaborations including geography-based and topic-based formats. Why do we believe in collaboration? Because the industry gets stronger […]

How Keene Sentinel turned to local support to fund new health reporting lab

When Terry Williams, president and CEO of The Keene Sentinel in southwest New Hampshire, began asking people in the community about their most pressing issues, health care access was immediately a top concern. “We talk about the fact that there are really two things that are very difficult to get in Cheshire County,” Williams said. […]

A new way to automate story-sharing in news collaboratives

Collaboration comes with numerous potential benefits for local news organizations — including shared resources, more reach, and greater depth of reporting. But workflow and logistics can reduce the scale of those wins. For shared content, web editors might find themselves in the labor-intensive processes of copying and pasting stories, chasing down image rights clearances, or […]


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