Local Media Association and Local Media Foundation work to reinvent business models for news by focusing on our four strategic pillars:

Here are recent articles about our work in all four strategic pillars.

New style guide helps avoid language that reflects negatively on aging

It happens all the time to people of a certain age. Someone well-meaning says, “Let me help you with that, sweetie.” Another person presumes that an older person has difficulty hearing, seeing, remembering, or understanding, or needs help with technology. This phenomenon is called “everyday ageism.” In a 2019 poll by the University of Michigan, […]

5 questions with Judi Terzotis, The Times-Picayune

Judi Terzotis is the president and publisher of The Times-Picayune | Advocate | NOLA.com. She joined Georges Media Group in 2018 from Gannett Co., Inc., where she spent the majority of her 30-year career in the media business. She rose from the ranks from a sales consultant to regional publisher overseeing eight markets in Louisiana, […]

In-depth lessons from Borrell Miami 2023

Close to 400 media and ad tech executives gathered in early March at Borrell Miami 2023. Themed “Navigating Local Media’s Brave New World” for this year, the conference is an annual look at new digital revenue opportunities and the latest strategies for media. It’s a great measure and predictor of how different media categories will […]

Word In Black journalists share stories with impact

Word In Black, a groundbreaking collaboration of the nation’s leading Black news publishers, produces daily journalism across a collection of impactful topics such as education, health, and social justice. The Word In Black audience has grown to nearly 50,000 email subscribers across three distinct newsletter offerings. The news outlet is supported, in part, by philanthropy, […]

How a new CMS changed audience and revenue outcomes for small publishers: Knight report update

Progress ushered in after a new CMS launch takes time to show.  When we first published the report, “Digital content platform upgrades for small media outlets,” data from the four news companies — New York Amsterdam News, Houston Defender Network, The Atlanta Voice and Washington Informer — was insufficient to demonstrate the breadth and depth […]

How BIPOC news outlets leaned into their authentic voice to grow audience through custom video content

Twelve news organizations from the United States and Canada recently wrapped up the Video Business Accelerator, a cohort-based, virtual program with the Meta Journalism Project and the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. All of the cohort participants were companies led by people of color. Local Media Association staff joined and participated in […]

5 Knight Media Forum 2023 takeaways from LMA

The largest annual convening of journalists and those who fund journalism took place in Miami Feb. 21-23 at Knight Media Forum. It’s the longest-running gathering of funders of journalism, and marked a return to in-person after two years of virtual-only conferences. The forum is a bellwether for the future of funding for journalism. Despite headwinds […]

System makes executing branded content a breeze for Knight x LMA BloomLab publishers

Branded content is a significant revenue opportunity for smaller publishers. Borrell Associates and The Meta Branded Content Project, in 2022 research, found the amount spent on content marketing has risen to $80 billion. This increase is one of the reasons the Knight x LMA BloomLab focuses on this line of revenue. Executing an engaging and […]

From failure to success: How to make your old product initiatives earn new revenue

We’ve seen it more times than we want to admit. The publisher, general manager or CEO spearheads a new initiative: “We are going to do [fill in the blank].” The newsroom and sales teams drop everything to focus on this new project because of the potential revenue and audience opportunities. Cost is no object! But […]

LMA + LMF 2022 Impact Report

At an industry gathering last year, Larry Lee, publisher of The Sacramento Observer (a Black newspaper founded 60 years ago by his father), shared that his organization went from fewer than four full-time employees to 14 in just 16 months. The gathering, hosted by the Knight Foundation, was focused on sustainability. Attendees stood and clapped. […]


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