Director, LMA Board

Senior Manager, Engagement and Retention, Star Tribune Media Company

Toby Collodora is the senior manager of retention and engagement for Star Tribune in Minneapolis, where she leads retention strategy and subscriber engagement efforts.

Prior to joining Star Tribune in 2019, Toby was the vice president of digital content strategy for Cordillera Digital, a division of Cordillera Communications.  While at Cordillera, she helped newsrooms and marketing departments create and execute strategy on all digital platforms and consulted with sales teams on content-driven initiatives.

Toby began her career on the assignment desk at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. She moved to digital in 2004, where she helped merge the company’s television and radio websites.  As social media and mobile emerged, she helped establish WCCO’s presence in those spaces. 

Toby is a graduate of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, with a B.A. in broadcast journalism.  She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband and daughter.

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