LMA’s consulting practice empowers local media executives with their business transformation strategies and action plans. Led by Chief Innovation Officer Jed Williams, who has extensive consulting and advisory experience, LMA offers expertise in many subject areas and will deliver tangible value to your organization in a variety of ways:

  • Strategic Planning

Let LMA facilitate your company’s strategic planning meeting. We will do all the prep and research required to develop and implement a successful program that is dynamic, informative and actionable.

  • Strategic Analysis: Industry Trends & Emerging Opportunities

What are the big bets that local media companies should be making to drive growth? What are the new revenue ideas that your organization needs to be aware of? What are the “shiny new objects” to stay away from today? We draw from a deep knowledge of the entire local media industry to share actionable research, case studies and benchmarking data to help you formulate your company’s roadmap.

We can also provide in-depth analysis, forecasting, vendor and competitor benchmarking, case studies, and suggested go-to-market strategies in specific areas of expertise, including:

  • Advertising and marketing macro trends
  • Digital agency optimization and best practices
  • Platform strategies: Facebook, Google, Snapchat
  • Native advertising & sponsored content
  • Video: content production and monetization
  • Digital sales: best practices for prospecting, lead generation, customer needs analysis


  • Cultural Innovation

Are you looking to create a culture of innovation at your company? LMA has led seven Innovation Missions in which we have met with many of the most disruptive global media and technology companies, including Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more. Over that time, LMA has compiled extensive learnings and best practices for cultural transformation.

Jed has also led business development and strategy at two growth-stage technology platforms. He brings first-person experience and insights from inside the walls of startups that can be studied and implemented at your company.