Gordon Borrell

“We live in a time of phenomenal channel expansion. That’s led to not only massive opportunity in the media world, but also massive confusion. LMA has created an environment where we can all learn from the best of the best – not just the best among one type of media. I’m honored, and in fact proud, to be part of such a forward-thinking trade association.”

Gordon Borrell, chair of the Local Media Foundation board, and chief executive officer of Borrell Associates

In addition to newspapers, TV stations and radio stations, LMA welcomes digital-only news sites, directories, magazines and other media to join the innovation. If you are interested in growing digital revenue and audience, finding new business models and networking with other local media executives, then LMA is the place for you!

Annual dues

  • Single DMA/Market: $495
  • 2 or more DMA/Markets: $995

Contact Lindsey Estes for more information, or complete our membership application for other media.