Following are speakers’ presentation slides (downloadable PDF) from the just-completed 2019 Elevate! conference.

Inclusion and equity: Presented by Tracie Powell

Branded Content Workshop: Presented by Julia Campbell and Branded Content Project alpha participants.

GNI Subscriptions Lab introduction

GNI Subscriptions Lab – NCI/S.E. Missourian

GNI Subscriptions Lab – FTI/Transformation

GNI Subscriptions Lab – Publisher case studies

What do subscribers value?: Presented by Tom Collinger

Design thinking and organizational design: Presented by Justin Ferrell

Are you ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?: Presented by Ann Hintzman

User experience for digital news: Presented by Austin Smith and Mike Orren

Crowdtangle: Audience-first approach on Facebook: Presented by Emilie Lutostanski and Amber Burgess