Chief Innovation Officer

Frank Mungeam

Frank Mungeam is Chief Innovation Officer for the Local Media Association, which works with over 3,000 local media brands (newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, digital news sites & more), as well as several hundred R&D partners in the industry. LMA’s mission is to help local media companies develop sustainable business models for news.

Mungeam leads LMA’s Center for Journalism Funding, focused on developing philanthropic and collaborative models for supporting local journalism; and he leads the Covering Climate Collaborative, a network of 25 local newsrooms and six science partners reporting on the effects of climate change, climate justice, and climate solutions. Prior to joining LMA in September 2020, Mungeam was Knight Professor of Practice in TV News Innovation at ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism. At ASU, he worked with Cronkite News students and faculty on news story and format innovations; coached cohorts of local TV broadcasters in the Table Stakes performance-driven transformation model; and published innovation case studies via the Cronkite News Lab. Previously, Mungeam was VP of Digital Content for TEGNA’s portfolio of local broadcast stations and news websites. His extensive media experience includes radio, print, TV production and digital.

Mungeam has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard and a master’s degree in Leadership and Communication from Gonzaga, and is a frequent speaker and writer on news transformation, innovation, and leadership. Mungeam lives on a floating home in Portland, Oregon and is the proud author of one son and two books, including Dream It, Do It, which profiles the repeatable habits of successful innovators.

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