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Nineteen progressive R&D partners will be conducting 15-minute meetings over the course of Tuesday afternoon.

This is a terrific opportunity to pick five companies that can help you grow digital revenue or assist with your media transformation plans. Simply choose the five that you want to meet with during the registration process and select your times. You will then receive a $150 discount to attend. Note: One representative per company is eligible for the discount. Available to the first 51 media executives that register.

How it works: Please read the company descriptions, case studies and testimonials on each of the companies. During the online registration process you will be asked to choose the five companies you would like to meet with. Once you choose the companies, you will then receive a $150 discount code to use when registering. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an online schedule with your meeting times within 48 hours. At this time, you will be able to log into the online scheduling system and sign-up for additional meetings and change your schedule to meet your needs.

Note: One representative per company is eligible for the discount. Available to the first 51 media-executives that register.

Rules: In the event of a no-show or cancellation, your credit card will be charged back the $150 discount fee. Understand that the R&D partners are paying a sponsorship fee and the $150 discount fee for you to attend these meetings. If you no-show, that puts LMA and the R&D partner in a bad position. Please communicate any changes or cancellations to Lindsey Estes as soon as possible so that she can arrange an alternative time. She can be reached on her cell phone (if you need to change anything while in Chicago) at (704) 796-1231. Thanks for your cooperation on this.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Adpay” tab_id=”1490809848244-df2c79ba-d8d3″][vc_column_text]

Adpay has a history of media innovation “firsts.” In our fifteen years of software service, we were the first to provide the industry with our patented, eBay-like Classified solutions, the first to offer an app for easy, free ad entry, and the first to create an obituary order entry network, Memoriams, to meet the local and out-of-area needs of your funeral home partners.

Now, under Ancestry ownership, we are excited to bring another first to market. Join us to learn about this exciting new platform that will enrich the way your audiences interact with memorial content. This free enhancement to obituaries will be a must-have for your next generation of readers.

Memoriams is the only network platform to meet the needs of newspapers and funeral homes for local and out-of-market obituary placement in a single order. An integrated Private Party component also allows families to easily enter obituaries, reducing workflow for your team and the customers you serve.

Companies of all sizes, from The Dallas Morning News in Dallas, TX and The Daily Journal in Tupelo, MS to The Daily News in Bowling Green, KY have all seen revenue increases exceeding 30% per order. Bowling Green was amazed to more than double their obituary revenues with the launch of Memoriams. These papers not only increased revenues and decreased work flow, but also received unsolicited cheers from their funeral directors sharing how much easier it is to do business with them through Memoriams.

All attendees will receive an Ancestry World Explorer membership ($149 value). Trace your past, while we look to the future together!

CASE STUDY[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Affinity X” tab_id=”1491514405534-3a475e29-99d8″][vc_column_text]





Are you doubling contracted digital advertising sales every month and growing the number of campaigns every week? Is your sales team delivering custom digital proposals within 24 hours to their prospects, and providing above-average results for campaigns?

Our clients did, and are.

AffinityX can help you capture your unfair share of the $94 billion SMBs will spend on digital marketing this year, according to Borrell Associates.

Our AudienceX solution end-to-end sales support enables you to generate sustainable digital revenue right away. We provide customized proposals and creative services. And our variable cost pricing model for AudienceX means we only make money when you do!

AffinityX provides white-label creative and marketing services that drive profitable new revenue for companies serving SMBs. We offer complete end-to-end management of brand identity, websites, programmatic advertising, campaigns, HTML5, video, print advertising and more.

We enable you to do a better job of meeting your SMB customers’ needs and make it possible for mom and pop companies to market as smart as their biggest competitors. The result is a stronger business, for you and your customers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Beyond Private Label” tab_id=”1491514708300-7313e6a8-fffc”][vc_column_text]

Beyond Private Label (BPL) is a US-based organization that enables companies to seamlessly and profitably offer and sell custom, responsive websites to their clients and prospects in a private label manner.

Our goals are clear. Provide a great product that helps businesses become more successful, while maintaining a level of customer service that is second to none and creates a lifelong residual income stream for both our partners and ourselves. Our program is a true partnership in that we do not have minimums and setup fees for you to do business with us. We only profit when our partners do. We train and support sales teams to become comfortable and confident about offering our products. Once they’re sold, we do all the work!

We consult and guide each business owner one-on-one to deliver a quality product that will increase your clients’ ROI and keep their websites with you forever. BPL designers, as well as developers, blend branding and usability to craft a highly professional, search engine optimized website. BPL always pays close attention to each critical detail in order for your clients to be found online in just a few clicks. These details include prominent navigation, contact information, fillable forms, and a variety of other custom features that enhance the online presence. A clean, reliable website will provide more credibility and revenue as our culture is continuously evolving within the digital realm.

Our Digital Champions are customer facing and will lead the project as soon as the sale is completed, to the moment we set the website live. Beyond that, BPL is readily available and equipped to make updates for your clients at their request. As part of BPL’s hosting package, you can offer unlimited text changes and up to 25 image changes per month. This is very unique in the web world as many providers make you charge clients for each change, regardless of how long it takes. With BPL, you can encourage your clients to be fully engaged, without getting nickel and dimed on the little things.

BPL not only performs all the work on the fulfillment of the website creation, while handling all of the customer interactions, but we also offer free sales training and sales support. BPL will help with proposals, website critiques, and we are able to jump on a sales call with your sales reps to help them close deals. Our sales support team will build your sales team’s confidence and add bottom line dollars!

Seeking new opportunities to strengthen a client’s results, and your own bottom line? Partner up with Beyond Private Label for custom websites and start making long term residual dollars. Call BPL today at 800.900.0413 – we’ll have you fully trained and making website sales in just two weeks![/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Camilyo” tab_id=”1491514824810-3200eae2-3a10″][vc_column_text]

Camilyo’s Online in One platform is designed for media companies that understand  the need to extend their marketing services portfolio beyond selling ads alone.

Today, advertisers’ budgets are shifting towards the purchase of digital marketing services.

Providing these services, however, may not be easy: it involves operational changes,  integration problems and an increase in costs.

Camilyo’s all-in-one platform approach eliminates integration challenges, simplifies  fulfillment and support operations and allows our partners to offer their small business customers all the digital marketing services they need at a cost they can afford.

Since 2010, Camilyo has partnered with leading marketing service providers to address the small business market in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Friends2Follow” tab_id=”1490806806402-1454bdd7-a74f”][vc_column_text]






Are you tired of losing page views and revenue to Facebook and other social media sites?

If you are, Friends2Follow can help you turn that drain in to a spigot.We did it for The Santa Clarita Valley Signal  a 9,600-circulation daily that made $85,000 in the first year of using our widgets to stream advertisers’ social media on its website.

And we’re doing it every day for more than 300 media websites in seven countries for such chains as Evening Post Industries, Morris Multimedia, Sound Publishing Inc. and Rust Communications.

And the best part is that we don’t make money if they don’t.

We’re expanding rapidly because our customers tell us our widgets show results.

“Not only has it been well received by our advertisers, but it has been the best performing ad space we own – and that isn’t my opinion – it’s in the numbers,” according to Sue Nelson, retail/digital advertising manager for several Morris Multimedia publications in Georgia.

That’s one reason why a reviewer for LocalMediaInsider labeled Friends2Follow  “a recommend.”

But that’s not all.

“When Friends2Follow was included in the bundle offered by our clients, our closing rate jumped by 15 percentage points,” said Bob Kellagher of The Blinder Group, which helped more than 100 clients produce $100 million in revenue last year.

Our service is particularly critical for you now because 79 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses plan on switching print dollars to digital, and they are spending $1,500 a year on Facebook alone, according to a recent survey by Borrell Associates of thousands of newspaper advertisers.

So, how does Friends2Follow work?

The basic idea is simple: our widget (or content block) on your website helps you monetize advertisers’ social media by providing them with a “social media megaphone” to the local audience you serve.

It is a truly turnkey, white-label product. You make the sale – our system does the rest. It is easy to set up and use (i.e. no coding!). We provide a leads generator, sales training and robust reporting to prove ROI to your advertisers.

We have a mobile version of everything, and all widgets utilize responsive design to fit any screen.

On the news side, our widget gives your pages more urgency by instantly streaming all the tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, videos and blogs from your reporters.

This helps drive readers back and forth from social media to your websites, which is increasingly important because social media has overtaken search as the top source of traffic referrals. And more page views means more ad impressions to sell.

In short Friends2Follow can help you:

  • Take back market share from social media.
  • Partner with advertisers who spend 6-10 hours a week on their social media.
  • Attract non-traditional newspaper advertisers such as service businesses and revitalize campaigns for regular advertisers.

Remember, we don’t make money if you don’t make money.

Let us show you how Friends2Follow can get you in the social media revenue and engagement game in a big way.


For more information, or to schedule a short webinar demonstration, contact Reinig Morris, VP of sales, at reinig@friends2follow.com or (801) 403-7966.  You can also visit our website www.friends2follow.com.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Guarantee Digital” tab_id=”1491514963292-383352dd-5414″][vc_column_text]Guarantee Digital is a full service Digital Agency Solutions provider that helps media companies in over 180 markets capture their UNFAIR share of the local billion-dollar digital marketplace.

Our proven go-to-market strategy is comprised of three key components delivered in white label fashion by our experienced, all Milwaukee based team:

  • Full Suite of Digital Agency Solutions – We offer Best of Breed digital agency marketing and services you can re-sell to your local clients, with a proven, rock solid fulfillment process that delights your customers and builds the confidence of your sales team. Choose a single product(s) to fill in the gaps of your existing agency mix, or offer our entire suite for your new agency launch…or as outsource option to improve quality and efficiency.     Our programs include:
    1. Presence Management Solutions – Adaptive Web Design, On/Off page SEO, Rep Management and business listings.
    2. Content Management – Producing quality content for Social Media, Native Articles, SEO Blogs, PR, Video and Email Newsletters
    3. Variety of Digital Target Marketing – SEM, Display, Mobile, IP, Social Media Marketing, Video, Email plus Direct Mail. Our RFP process writes the proposals for you and all active accounts receive 24/7 white label reporting dashboard that proves their Return on Investment.
  • Serious Sales Training – more than just another vendor offering products, we provide serious sales training designed to lift the skills of your entire sales team with both Virtual, On-Demand, Classroom and in-the-field training available that gets your team ready to compete in an increasingly competitive multi-channel marketplace.  Bring our team in for a day, a week or a month to coach, run Seminars and close lots of deals!
  • Lead Development & Sales Support to help you close more deals! –  No matter if you are just launching an agency…or looking to jump start one that is stalled…we offer a proven strategy to get new digital dollars flowing again.
    1. Fresh Leads List – We source and segment the best prospects in your market, including many businesses that have never done business with you before. We help you find true incremental business well beyond the cast of characters that buy from you now.
    2. Outbound Marketing – via our out bound emails and telemarketing team, we tailor the message to potential clients based on their needs, setting appointments for your sales team, driving webinar/seminar sign ups and more.
    3. On-Call Digital Specialists – you have access to our calendars…and can schedule one of our Digital Specialist into a tele/video conference call as needed to help you close more deals.

Added Value:  Beyond all the above, we offer all sales collateral, pitch decks, and will build you a new digital agency website with your new branding.

Launch Cycle:   From contract to kick off…your launch cycle can be as short as 4 weeks.  If you have an existing agency in place and are interested in adding couple new products or the Leads Program…we can move even faster.

For more information:  Daryl Hively – 414.234.8529 | daryl@guaranteedigital.com | guaranteedigital.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”iPublish Media” tab_id=”1491515056014-7d166663-f876″][vc_column_text]

iPublish Media Solutions is the recognized leader in self-­‐service advertising enabling users to build and purchase any type of print and/or digital ad campaign implemented to meet the publisher’s requirements. We currently work with hundreds of publishers to process thousands of jobs every day. Our white label solution empowers publishers to extend their reach, find new advertisers and service existing contract users by building and selling ads to and from any device.

Any Ad, Anywhere, Anytime

iPublish Media’s AdPortal provides an all-­‐encompassing self-­‐service solution that supports some of the largest media organizations and smaller local community publishers in all facets of print, digital and social advertising. It provides several category specific applications that will attract new advertisers and drive revenue.

  • AdPortal Digital – is the only self-­‐service solution that builds and sells digital display and Facebook campaigns. Integrated with DFP Premium for O&O, leading DSPs for programmatic and Business Manager for Facebook publishers can offer a complete digital advertising solution from a single platform. AdPortal Digital makes it easier for advertisers to build and purchase digital and social ad campaigns in a single workflow allowing publishers to attract smaller start up accounts at a much lower cost and drive new revenue with existing ones rather than using traditional sales strategies.
  • iPublish Classified and Marketplace – an easy to use private party self-­‐service solution, classified has increased general merchandise advertising as much as 40%. Marketplace is a search enabled website that has doubled web traffic for many publishers. This solution creates searchable content that cultivates additional web traffic, expands audience reach and drives ad revenue.
  • AdPortal Obituaries – is used by thousands of funeral homes and families across the United States. 70% of all these obituary transactions are processed using a self-­‐service workflow at nearly 400 daily newspapers. Because we’re the only obituary solution that utilizes Adobe InDesign our customers can offer multi column with multi picture designs improving the quality of the print product. Customers report revenue increases of up to 20% over conventional obituary sales and a significant savings in operations.
  • AdPortal Real Estate – is used to sell and publish simple liner ads with digital listings, print display ads, digital display ads for O&O, programmatic and Facebook as well as ¼, ½ and full page print ads. Fully integrated with MLS, Placester and direct broker feeds, this intuitive application garners a self-­‐serve rate of 60% and higher. AdPortal Real Estate will reenergize your real estate ad sales and drive new revenue. We brand it the way you want and you market it through brokers or go directly to agents. It is used as a self-­‐service platform, as an in-­‐house production system and in the call center.

Intuitive Experience

We consolidate ad operations with an easy-­‐to-­‐use print, digital and social advertising experience. iPublish Adportal is powered by Adobe InDesign and iPublish Media’s Rich Media Server making it is the world’s only cross media self-­‐service platform. It is an excellent solution to transform your business away from a print heavy direct sales model to one that offers print, digital and cross media at a lower cost self-­‐serve model.

CASE STUDY[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Leap Media Solutions” tab_id=”1490809809242-09737abc-a9b8″][vc_column_text]

Are you looking to leverage your data across every facet of your enterprise? If so, we’d like to meet with you during Media Transformation 2017!

Here’s what Rich Forsgren at the Erie Times-News says about LEAP:

“LEAP’s data-driven, best-in-class approach enables our company to achieve a level of end-to-end marketing sophistication that is technologically unachievable for independent media enterprises such as ours.”

LEAP serves a diverse client community of more than 100 local print, digital and broadcast media firms to engineer data-optimized processes that grow, activate, engage and monetize audiences. Companies like, Hearst, Calkins Media, Tronc, Morris Communications, Minneapolis Star Tribune and Shaw Media leverage LEAP’s world-class technology and unparalleled expertise to build the volume and value of customers.

Your entire value proposition is driven by your ability to be relevant – relevant in your content, your offers and your communications. And relevance, in turn, is dependent upon your knowledge of the consumer – his or her content consumption, demographics, lifestyle interests, purchase behaviors, channel preferences, merchant connections and, most importantly, interactions with your brand.

Pulling all that data together into a timely, comprehensive and connected “Single Customer View” is LEAP’s priority #1 – giving you a complete perspective on your relationship – or lack of one – with each consumer entity in your market.

But data alone is not sufficient. That data needs to be put to work in a robust environment for analytics, customer journey optimization, marketing executions and continuous improvement.

LEAP Dimensions™ is that environment, giving marketers the ability to transform data into relevant actions that grow and monetize audiences.

LEAP Dimensions can be licensed and deployed directly by the client. We refer to this as LEAP Dimensions Professional Edition or “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY).

But since many local media companies do not have the resources or unique expertise to fully capitalize on the opportunities of data-driven marketing automation, LEAP also offers a managed services paradigm we characterize as “Do-It-For-Me” (DIFM). We put LEAP Dimensions to work on your behalf, including the development of LEAP’s proprietary Targeted Growth Model, Customer Lifecycle Management curriculum, creative development, execution of email and direct mail communications, access to dashboards and KPI reports, and much more.

In summary, here is how LEAP clients are benefiting:

  • Dramatic reductions in customer attrition
  • Measurable improvements in customer engagement, product consumption and value
  • Significant cost reductions through automation and outsourcing
  • Enhanced access to company performance data and KPI’s that improve decision-making
  • Support of revenue diversification initiatives including events, niche publications, digital advertising, video, content, etc.

Want more? Here are 10 reasons why you need to consider LEAP ASAP.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Legacy” tab_id=”1491515973241-bcadd96e-c99e”][vc_column_text]About Legacy.com

Legacy.com is the global leader in online obituaries with over 45 million visitors each month and is ranked as a Top 30 domain in the U.S. by Quantcast.  Founded in 1998, Legacy.com is honored to partner with more than 1,500 newspapers and 3,500 funeral homes worldwide. These partnerships provide easy ways for consumers to express condolences, share direct support for families, and celebrate the people who have touched their lives.

For almost 20 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to growing audience and revenue in the obituary category for newspapers. Legacy’s partners benefit from our unparalleled scale, which enables continuous innovation of industry-leading obituary products, innovative ecommerce solutions, and award-winning customer service.

Let Obituaries Drive Revenue

Our products are built to allow your papers to earn additional revenue for your obituary category. Year over year, we have grown revenue share for our partners. Here are some offerings that can produce revenue for your newspaper:

  1. Funeral Home Local Spotlight (FHLS) is one of the easiest ways to drive incremental revenue for your online obituaries. In 2016, FHLS drove over $49K in additional revenue for the Chicago Tribune. Read full case study.
  2. Next Generation Obituary (NGO), is preferred by 3 out of 4 users and newspapers earn 17% more revenue per obituary, compared to our Classic platform. Learn more.
  3. Earn additional print revenue by using our print-ready editorial articles to expand your obituary section, and open up more space for advertisers. See all available editorial options.

Built-In Innovative Ecommerce

Legacy has built a unique ecommerce platform that produces revenue for your newspaper. Since 2009, our ecommerce platform has grown an average of 52% per year. With mobile usage rising industry-wide, our platform is optimized for all devices; and sympathy flowers make up over 50% of our mobile monetization strategy. The range of offerings, including sympathy flowers and printed Guest Books are viewed as a service bye users, leading to more sales and more revenue for our newspaper partners.

Award-Winning Service & Support

We’re dedicated to providing the best service to our partners. Legacy has an award-winning support team that provides 24/7/365 service and support to our newspaper partners, and we screen every Guest Book comment before it is posted to protect your families and your brand. We’re also on call for your customers so you don’t have to be: our customer service team reacts to each situation with compassion, turning grieving callers into grateful users.

We Look Forward to Meeting with You!

During our meeting, we’ll provide a custom revenue report to show how much revenue you’re currently earning and how much added revenue is possible with our programs.

  1. Please provide 5 keywords you would use to describe your product to a local media executive (For example: Email, contest, consulting, ecommerce, mobile, obituaries)
    1. Revenue, obituaries, ecommerce, customer service, content

CASE STUDY[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Media Staffing Network” tab_id=”1490809486619-4d2cb88d-b081″][vc_column_text]Since 1993, Media Staffing Network has worked exclusively with media companies to help them attract, hire and retain employees in management, sales, finance, human resources, marketing and engineering on a nationwide basis. Our expertise is helping companies identify what they need, and to deliver candidates that were unknown to them before our involvement. With strong expertise in mid-size and smaller markets, MSN works with clients in all stages of the recruitment process from building a strong job profile to hands-on support in interviewing strategies and helping build compensation plans that will help attract and land the right people for their open jobs.

Our search practice takes pride in reaching non-job seekers to introduce them to our clients’ open positions, to gain their interest and initiate conversations with the hiring manager, while coaching the hiring manager in the best way to conduct the interview process for a successful hire.  We work on a retained basis to ensure the attention and time needed to find the right candidates for our clients. Our clients are serious about hiring and we give them the focus that is needed.

MSN recently launched the grassroots “Local Sales Recruitment Program” to help companies with a wider need of finding and retaining sales talent throughout their entire company. The program requires a minimum of a 1-year commitment and is a combination of training and recruiting while building a pipeline of local talent to fill current and upcoming positions.  Also included:  assistance in building more effective recruitment and onboarding strategies starting with company culture;  job profiles; marketing of job postings;  nurturing of potential hires; hands-on coaching for more successful interviews; brainstorming on where to locate the best candidates; building better compensation plans; onboarding and ramping up the new hires along with an accountability plan for management. This is not an easy or quick fix and takes time and commitment to see change and success.

MSN has long been regarded as an expert in the field of hiring in media sales and associated areas and has been included on many panels and speaking engagements throughout industry events and corporate meetings.

Our goal is to allow our clients the time to focus on building revenue while we do the leg work to build their sales teams and find them strong managers to help grow and attract quality talent.

If you are struggling to make budget with the team you have, need new managers or sellers, you should plan to spend some time with us to learn why companies around the country have come to Media Staffing Network to help with all of their staffing needs.


The New Interview

If you are still interviewing sales candidates like you did in 1999, you are in trouble!

With competition to nab the best talent in your market and industry higher than it has been in years, and with the changing workforce, it is a different game out there today.

Here are a few things that need to change immediately to be successful in hiring:

  • Waiting until you have an opening to start your search
  • Offering a 90 day guarantee of income to new hires
  • Having a standard, one size fits all compensation plan
  • Not having a detailed job description
  • Posting a job and waiting for the phones to ring
  • Trying to scare potential employees by stressing how hard the job is and that they will have no life for the next year or so after joining your team
  • Treating all potential employees as job seekers

You may be hearing more and more about “passive job candidates”. With companies not getting the response they need from job postings and ads, smart talent acquisition managers are going over and above and thinking out of the box. Just as smart sales managers have ‘target accounts’ hiring managers need to start building a pipeline of potential hires to pursue when opportunities arise.

It is important to understand that, especially in sales, people are not knocking down the doors for those positions, or if they are, they may not be the quality nor have the skills needed in the job. It is difficult to get people to relocate and quite honestly, unless it is a management job, not likely that someone will move for a sales job. So, to keep a full team, it is imperative to build a list of potential hires in your community, both in and out of media. If someone has good sales skills and an understanding of marketing, they should be able to learn how to sell your products, assuming of course you have invested in training to ramp up new hires!

Once you identify, who in your community may have the contacts or skills you need, you should reach out to them to introduce yourself. They are not a job seeker. They could be very happy where they currently work. The goal of your call is to start building a relationship so that down the road, they may be ready to join your company or they may be able to refer others to you for your job. These are called passive candidates.

Passive candidates need to be treated totally different than job seekers. With a job seeker, it is ok to do more of a standard interview, to ask them to take assessments or possibly even put together a presentation on why they want to work for you. With passive candidates, you are going to be more of a seller of your opportunity, sharing why joining your team would be beneficial to them. You need to dig to find their ‘sweet spot’, what they aren’t getting from their current company/boss and how you can help them in that area. You can’t get a passive candidate to jump through hoops until they are totally sold on your opportunity and even then, they probably won’t do as much jumping as a job seeker. Just as you would pick and strategize how to approach and close a target account, the same goes for passive candidates.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”OS4.media” tab_id=”1491515277989-85d0fdd2-2c0d”][vc_column_text]OS4.media (OS4) has provided ad-tech, ad-ops and ad-monetization services since 2008.

We’re a Google-certified OEM and support team for DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) – and experts in total-stack taxonomy design, migration, retagging and reporting.

We provide and support efficient solutions for: Ad serving; yield revenue growth and yield management; ad ops labor, migrations, ad-stack design / reconfiguration; and automated multi-platform reporting & distribution.

OS4 serves 700+ local media websites owned by 50+ media companies – in the traditional newspaper, television, radio and magazine sectors, as well as an increasing number of pure-play digital publishers.

The aggregate size of our client base allows OS4 to source top-tier service vendor and programmatic demand relationships like a major media company – and to extend the savings and revenue from those relationships to mediumand small-size local media companies.

Our services include:

  • DoubleClick For Publishers Premium (DFP) – Direct sales and support of DFP standalone and shared networks.
  • AdOps Services – OS4’s network of Google-certified AdOps professionals provide multi-time-zone Ad Ops and Sales Ops support.
  • Ad-Data Reporting Services – OS4’s data warehouse and reporting platform provides automation and distribution of custom reporting views based on DFP, ADX, OpenX and other ad-tech platform data sources.
  • YieldLift Premium Service –Blends multiple top-tier demand sources in a turnkey, fully-managed yield-stack solution, from server-to-server bidding, to header bidding, premium fill and 100% backfill with automated optimization.
  • YieldLift ActiveFill Service – Applies premium demand dynamics to the bottom of publishers’ yield stacks. Multiple top-tier demand partners and automated daily optimization; 100% fill / no passbacks; drives whole-stack performance.
  • Advisory & Coaching Services – OS4 principals and team members provide advisory and coaching services for platform design; and for yield / headerbidding strategy, tactics and stack design.

LMA-Relevant OS4 Client Cases:

  • OS4 provides a continuing suite of DFP, AdOps and Yield services to companies like The Observer Media Group in Sarasota FL. Results: Lower expense and higher availability of ad-ops labor; increase in programmatic yield revenue.
  • The Republican-American in Connecticut used OS4 migration services to move into a shared OS4 DFP-Premium instance designed for small publishers and utilizes OS4’s YieldLift full-stack demand service. Results: Operating in state-of art ad tech platform; making 20% more in programmatic than without OS4.
  • OS4 provides a combination of 100% programmatic backfill and ongoing whole-yield-stack coaching to the Paddock Publications team in the Chicago DMA. Results: Significant year-over-year programmatic revenue increases.
  • OS4 has managed migrations into DFP for companies across the U.S.: Seattlebased Pioneer News Group, The Gazette Company in Iowa, Digital First Media nationwide, Register-Guard Media in Oregon, The Day of New London CT, and many others. Results: Effective move from old to new ad-serving systems with 100% accuracy and zero interruption to daily ad-serving.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”ppi Media” tab_id=”1491336547706-9e0d2d21-0407″][vc_column_text]

ppi Media US, Inc.
Editorial solutions, ad solutions, prepress solutions for the publishing industry
Successfully mastering the digital transformation challenge

Publishers and media companies are faced with the challenge to consolidate their existing newspaper and magazine business in the future whilst at the same time to promote this development and to engage in the digital transformation of the media landscape by integrating new distribution channels and using innovative digital revenue models.

ppi Media can help media companies to meet all these challenges: as a leading producer of software for automated newspaper production, we develop solutions that help you to save resources and increase production security. The services and products offered by ppi Media cover the full range of relevant publishing processes from planning a publication and producing ads to automatic page production and optimized print form production. The editorial system Content-X, which we developed jointly with our partner Digital Collections, is a real cross-medial publishing tool linking the traditional print channel with popular digital platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

We also accompany and support the digital transformation of media companies by developing entirely new products, services and digital revenue models through design thinking. We have created the business division Strategy & Innovation, which is dedicated specifically to this task.

Markus Feldenkirchen, Managing Director

Phone: (630) 854 3734
E-Mail: markus.feldenkirchen@ppimedia-us.com
or visit www.ppimedia-us.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”recruitology” tab_id=”1491396835233-691bb300-2249″][vc_column_text]

Recruitology: the smart recruiting platform

Recruitology enables media companies and publishers to be the top digital advertising choice for local employers, growing market share and recruitment advertising revenue.Our SaaS technology platform provides media companies a full-service recruitment solution for their employers.

Our mission is to provide newspapers with the most effective means to increase employment advertising market share. Employers have choices when it comes to recruitment advertising. They no longer need to sort through the resumes of unqualified candidates. Recruitology’s advertising platform uses best-in-class technology to continuously monitor and adjust job placement, letting employers shorten their time-to-hire.

Are you looking for:

  • A growing digital revenue stream
  • Local employer engagement
  • Expanding the breadth of your recruiting solutions
  • Innovating and growing the value you provide to advertisers
  • A way to strengthen your brand

Come talk with us about how Recruitology can be part of your growth strategy in 2017 and beyond.

Here’s how it works: employers post their jobs once through their local newspaper. These jobs are then programmatically distributed via Recruitology to best-in-class job boards, social media, and aggregators such as Indeed(r), GlassDoor(r), and  ZipRecruiter(r). The result? Employers are able to reach the right candidates at the right time.

The Recruitology suite includes:

  • Smart recruiting platform for media companies. A single, easy-to-use platform lets you offer comprehensive recruiting solutions to your employers.
  • Best-in-class job board networks. Our industry-specific job boards span a wide range of fields from energy to healthcare, education, law enforcement and finance. In addition, Targeted Audience Networks(™) connect employers with diverse candidate groups, such as veterans, green employers and the disabled. Collectively, the job boards reach nearly 10 million unique viewers monthly.
  • Full-featured job board. Own your local recruiting market with no selling restrictions. The job board can be white-labeled to reflect your branding. Best of all, Recruitology will host and maintain the site. Your job board can be live in as little as one month.
  • Native mobile app for iOS and Android. Reach job-seekers on the device they turn to first: their smartphone. Recruitology’s mobile app can be white-labeled for you in as little as a month, providing a cost-effective way to reach an increasingly mobile demographic.
  • MaxRecruit(™) programmatic ad distribution and management. Take the guesswork out of deciding which aggregator to use. MaxRecruit’s ActiveMonitoring(™) monitors your performance and cost-per-click, making any necessary adjustments to get the best results. In recent tests, MaxRecruit delivered an average of 42 click applications per job vs. the industry average of 20.
  • Sourced(™): your virtual headhunter. Do your employers need to find qualified, interested candidates in a hurry? Sourced locates and qualifies candidates with a winning combination of top aggregators, job boards and outreach by sourcing experts.
  • Analytics dashboard, showing real-time performance information.

As you transform more of your business into digital, you are looking for ways to continuously innovate and grow the value you provide advertisers. Recruitology’s recruitment advertising platform makes it easy for your employers to reach top candidates.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”SalesFuel” tab_id=”1491339255454-97d2f1fd-90ba”][vc_column_text]

Let’s keep it real – retention is a struggle. Most of the time, your managers are just trying to figure out how they’re going to make goal each month. But they need to be able to keep their best sellers onboard. What are your managers doing to develop their sales teams? The only thing harder than finding good salespeople is keeping them. Well, that’s why SalesFuel®, the creators of AdMall®, developed TeamKeeper® – a data-driven talent retention platform for managers.

TeamKeeper is designed to help your managers find and retain their best sales talent. It guides managers to effective and consistent coaching, assists with motivating the team to higher performance and helps them avoid embarrassing hiring mistakes – improving both retention and the bottom line.

TeamKeeper includes actionable assessments, to help managers lead and develop their staff with the most effective communication strategy for each team member AFTER they’ve been hired. These assessments help lead & develop each team member individually. You will improve your sales team by improving their manager. Visit with us & get your own FREE series of personal assessments to show you how it all works.

 [/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”TruMeasure” tab_id=”1491340204017-fc0d88b7-d13e”][vc_column_text]

Meet with John Hoeft, Abby Fox and April Dauzat from Tru Measure!

You’ll learn about how we’ve helped various media companies and advertising agencies become more efficient when it comes to delivering digital marketing services… and we have lots of swag and goodies to snack on 😉

We know how important is to have a experienced, reliable partner when it comes to showing proof of performance and going beyond just impressions and clicks. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition you are going to need to deliver more in terms of a dashboard. You are going to need a partner that has proprietary technology for post-click analytics – what happened after they clicked on that display ad? Did it perform better than SEM or Paid Social? What about phone calls, emails and page views on their site? With Tru Measure we can help you isolate campaign tactics and compare performance and engagement at the site level!

Our end-to-end solution enables sales teams and campaign managers to hit the ground running. Tru Measure helps optimize clients’ local, digital marketing campaigns, while using the aggregated performance analytics dashboard to renew and grow their marketing budgets. Performance is broken out by product type – display, search, social, mobile, etc. We capture consumer engagement too – call details including date, time, city, state, zip, caller demographics and click-to-listen link; most viewed pages on website; email correspondence; etc. Put it all together – in one dashboard – and clients can streamline sales, operations, audience targeting, optimization and reporting for their data-driven marketing efforts.

Are your sales people spending too much time with fulfillment and operations? We can help you with order entry, fulfillment and optimization services so your sales people can get back to selling.

Is your Ad Operations team overwhelmed? Again, we can help supplement your Ad Ops team with our fulfillment services allowing your folks to focus on top priority clients.

Having trouble renewing advertisers or getting them to spend more with you? Give them access to a dashboard that shows them how many phone calls, emails and leads they received as result of your products.

Tru Measure’s advanced tracking technology and two-way integrations with top digital media providers is made available in one easy-to-use dashboard. Not only do we provide data in a meaningful report, but we can also order, fulfill and optimize your campaigns…

– Dashboard with internal and external customized views

– Post-Click Analytics

– Call Tracking Services

– Fulfillment and Optimization for SEM and Display

– 30+ custom integrations and API’s

Our team of developers and ad operations specialists work hand-in-hand with our partner management team to provide clients with a custom built platform. This dashboard clearly demonstrates ROI on advertising spend, using pre- and post-click data through our innovative technology. Taking things one step further, we help our clients understand how local audiences respond to each marketing message, allowing for better direction of a campaign mid-course. We normalize complex data into meaningful results, while simultaneously providing decades of ad operations, sales, customer service, marketing and technology experience.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Verve” tab_id=”1494881681664-1a50d7fd-75ae”][vc_column_text]VerveTM is a location-based mobile marketing platform that connects advertisers with consumers to deliver successful business outcomes. The company’s proprietary location intelligence, patented technology, premium mobile inventory, and analytics capabilities empower marketers to reach and engage consumers with compelling mobile advertising experiences. Headquartered in New York City, Verve has offices in San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Detroit, London, Eastern Europe, India, and Southeast Asia. For more information, visit www.verve.com.

CASE STUDY[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Vivial” tab_id=”1492463850500-33369d1b-830f”][vc_column_text]

You work hard for your customers. You want to provide them with the very best solutions so that they can achieve great success with their business. But maybe you just don’t have the bandwidth to develop a suite of marketing tools in-house. Maybe it’s just not your area of expertise. That’s ok—marketing is our expertise. Why not partner with Vivial?

When you’re choosing a marketing partner, though, you want to make sure they have a reputation for quality. Vivial’s list of awards and accolades combined with over 100 years of experience working with local media companies speaks for itself. We’ve partnered with over 100 companies to bring the smartest digital marketing tools and techniques to their markets. Join our ranks—and deliver success to your clients.

From social media management and content marketing, to SEO, directory optimization and more, our tried and true platform will arm your company with everything you need to drive new sales while protecting your existing revenue and maximizing your ROI. From best-in-class fulfillment and onboarding to support and billing—we do the heavy lifting so there’s no additional strain on your resources. We’re available every step of the way to ensure your success.

consistently be on the cutting edge of the latest technology. Just this year, we launched new product capabilities for building mobile responsive websites. What does that mean? It means more flexibility in integrating custom widgets and social media elements into your customers’ websites. It means time savings for clients. And it means an increase in online search exposure for businesses by having a clean, functional website that is optimized for every device. Simply put—our aim is to continue providing solutions that make the complex simple and deliver results.

Our products and services are in high-demand in the marketplace and are sure to complement your existing offerings. Whether you choose to scale our solutions to your needs or use our out-of-the-box product bundles, we’ll integrate seamlessly into your business to create new revenue streams. For instance, Vivial recently signed a partner who generated $200,000 in new business in just 45 days! Would you benefit from that kind of revenue boost?

Still unsure of whether our products will provide the value your customers need? Consider this. With our marketing platform alone (not counting our countless other digital products) we have connected thousands of businesses across the country from hundreds of industries with millions of potential customers. Millions. How would your customers feel about that kind of business exposure?

Want to hear more about what we do, and the success we’ve built for other partners and their customers? Book a meeting with the Vivial partner team, and as a thank you for your time, you’ll receive a $15 Starbucks gift card!


Website: vivial.net

Case Study:

Vivial provides new, digital revenue streams for traditional media outlets

Vivial, a leading advertising technology company, provides digital marketing solutions proven to grow your bottom line. Recently, Vivial’s top rated Marketing Platform helped a local media company sign $200,000 in new business in just 45 days!

The Vivial Marketing Platform serves as the cornerstone offering for its partners, and allows businesses like this one to:

  • Produce and publish original content – deals, events, news stories, etc. – to increase search engine rankings
  • Develop and grow social networks to build customer loyalty and improve online ratings
  • Correct and maintain accuracy of business listings across major search engines and directories to increase exposure

The partnership also provided the local media company with access to Vivial’s full service fulfillment and dedicated service channel. This allowed the local media company to configure the products within the Marketing Platform and the package price to create a bundle with their existing media solutions. In addition, they had access to Vivial’s tried and true sales training, including Google Trusted Digital Media Advisor Certified Training, rep lyrics/scripts, collateral, videos and post-sales communication. Integration with SalesForce made the order and fulfillment process seamless for both the customer and the local media sales rep.

Vivial understands the local media landscape and the need for trusted partners. When you couple your strengths with Vivial’s award-winning solutions, you provide your clients the best marketing available. Contact Vivial today to learn how we can help grow your business!

Contact information:

Joe Pellitteri, Senior Vice President, Sales, jpellitteri@vivial.net, 937-296-2228[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Whiz Technologies” tab_id=”1491318430460-053dfb27-33ea”][vc_column_text]

Interested in OTT Video, Alexa or Mobile Apps? Whiz Technologies has solutions to help you make money distributing your content on Apple TV, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Echo, iPhone, iPad and Android mobile and tablet devices. Our award winning solution is in use by many local media companies and they are monetizing their content on these platforms. With differentiated technology like “Personalized” content on mobile devices and “LiveFrame” on OTT devices, “360 degree video” the user gets a superior experience resulting in increased session times and greater advertising opportunity.

Mobile Apps: With hundreds of iPhone, iPad and Android apps available for download, we build apps for you that will delight your users and make money for you. With unique features not available anywhere else like “Personalization” and “360 degree video”, your apps will have longer session times. Personalization allows your user to customize their home page so content from their sections of interest flow to the home page.

OTT Video: Put your video content on TV sets with OTT apps built by us. We are the only vendor to have client side ad dynamic ad insertion on all major OTT devices. With our partnerships, we can bring in 3rd party linear content that is integrated with your local content using our latest product feature, “LiveFrame”. Multiple revenue opportunities exist including linear ads (like real time TV), pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads, long form sponsor ads, premium bar placement, show sponsors and many more.

Alexa and Google Home Apps: Distribute your content using voice on the popular Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. Using our technology, we can do text to voice translation as well as use your anchor’s voices.

We will consult and advise you on advertising sales on these devices and there are plenty of opportunities to connect the advertiser with your audience. It includes but is not limited to: Voice sponsorships “Brought to you by …”, Video long form sponsor content, Video pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads, Linear video ads insertion, LiveFrame banner ads, Banner ads at fixed location as well as inline, Interstitial ads with swipe count, Inline story ads, Native advertising, Splash screen ads, Deal button, Paid content, Subscriber access, In-app purchases and much more.

Testimonial: “Whiz hosts our apps for Post and Courier, Aiken Standard, Free Times and South Strand News,” said Kurt Knapek, director of audience and digital media at The Evening Post Publishing Group. “They also have our OTT app for TV as well. Nikhil and his team are fantastic. I tell people he is our best vendor partner for a number of reasons. They are open to any idea and often bring them to us.”

Our customer base includes large and small local media companies and includes Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Buffalo News, Schurz Communications, Calkins Media, News-Press and Gazette Company, The Dispatch Company, Shaw Media, Evening Post Industries, Cordillera Communications and many more.

We will be present at the LMA Media Transformation conference, please reach out to us at sales@whizti.com to setup an appointment to talk about your goals and learn more about our technologies.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Zenreach” tab_id=”1491515745465-f9777d48-4fb0″][vc_column_text]Zenreach was created to solve a big problem in the modern local economy — most of our time is being spent online, yet over 90% of purchasing still happens offline –  and there is no link between the two. We created Zenreach to close the online-to-offline loop by giving brick & mortar merchants the same level of data and transparency that online marketers have come to expect.  Zenreach is now partnering with Local Media companies to bring this simple, compelling solution to the local market.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_tabs][vc_btn title=”Back to conference page” shape=”square” color=”violet” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fkeyweb24.com%2Flocalmedia%2Fevent%2Fmedia-transformation-2017-tech-expo%2F|||”][/vc_column][/vc_row]