Q: Tell us about an initiative you have either launched or are planning to launch that has or will have a positive impact on your company’s digital future?

A: We are working on creating an on-demand video experience on our streaming platform. As vertical-content video experiences become more and more prominent, we are working to find a solution that works in the local news space.

Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the media industry today?

A: The biggest challenge in media is also the biggest challenge for many industries: staying ahead of consumer behavior. As technology provides users more and more choices, a media company’s value proposition needs constant attention. The days of following a 20-year-old blueprint are over. Constant evaluation and reinvention is now a necessity.

Q: What do you think is the greatest opportunity for the media industry today?

A: Our greatest opportunity is that we already have a core base of raving fans! Start-up companies would give anything to have our audience base. However, if we don’t listen and stay ahead of changing technology and consumption, we’ll miss out on making the most of this foundation.

Q: What is your single proudest accomplishment?

A: Being a mentor to new leaders. This is truly the best part of my career. Helping people learn to maneuver the challenging waters of leading people pays off endlessly. Having a hand in developing our future leaders is the best way that I can help transform our industry.

Q: Why did you want to be part of the LMA Board?

A: I was interested in joining a group of people who share the same passion: transforming local media into what it WILL become. To have a hand in that transformation is a passion project. I’m so excited to learn from some of the greatest in our industry.