What was your most memorable job and why?

I would have to say LMA- I truly believe that I am part of a team making a difference in our industry

What day in your professional life is a day you’ll never forget?

I had a college student that was an accounting assistant working with me, she was leaving to other endeavors and thanked me for all she had learned while working me. She was able to put the education and the on the job experience together and now had the understanding of what she had learned.

Fill in the blank. The industry needs to get serious about _____ right now.


What gets your fired up about work every morning?

The membership-Every day there is interaction with a new member or contact with a member you have known for years.

What keeps you up at night because of work?

The list- you wake up and have to write down a reminder of something to do the next day.



What do you do in your spare time for fun?

I am a new Grammy for the past 18 months and love it! Going to the pumpkin patch, feeding our horse., or just playing. I always look forward to spending time with my grandson, daughter, and son-n law.

Enjoy the outdoors of Northern Michigan and making Shutterfly projects of my grandson

What TV show can you not stop watching?

The Good Doctor- The new ABC show about the doctor with autism and savant syndrome

What teams do you cheer for?

Redwings, Tigers, Lions, and U of M

What is the last book you read?

Directions for the weedwhacker/power washer/toddler toys, etc.

Favorite vacation spot?

Hawaii. Was there once- would love to go again