McClatchy’s Head of Innovation Jeremy Gockel, who is an industry leader in teaching media companies how to leverage design thinking for growth, led a design thinking workshop on Wednesday with Innovation Mission attendees.

Attendees learned how to incorporate design thinking principles into their company culture during the workshop.

During the workshop, Gockel shared four ways that media companies can use human-centered design. Here they are:


Balancing limited resources, services or infrastructure to produce elegant products.


Making the emotional part of a space as important as the functional.


Making products not only for need and desire, but also considering customer limitations and motivations.


Balancing the complexity of many different stakeholders with different needs.

• Other tips

Here are a few more tips on jumping into design thinking that Glockel suggested:

  • Always ask “Why?”
  • Look for artifacts (physical, process, and emotional)
  • Delve for stories
  • Take notes