SmartNews, a news app company that flexes millions of unique visitors a month, bills itself as an interesting distribution solution for media companies.

Those attending this week’s Innovation Mission visited SmartNews and learned how the company is evaluating millions of articles, social signals and human interactions to deliver what they say is the top 0.01% of stories that matter most to their audience.

SmartNews is partnering with numerous publishers and spitting out relevant content through their pretty slick app.

They say they are able to help publishers get new reach and retain new mobile audiences “without eating into their traffic or forcing them to share ad revenue.”

This is how it works:

• The first click on an article always brings the user directly to the publisher’s own site. Publishers can also place advertising on SmartView, keeping 100 percent of the revenue.

• Channel Plus allows users to add additional tabs dedicated specifically to content from their favorite sources, giving publishers another way to engage their audience through SmartNews’s interface.

• Partner publishers get access to SmartNews Insights, their online dashboard service providing analysis on traffic, social sharing, and key metrics for their content.

Here’s an image that shows you how it all works: