Describe your initiative, what you see as the strongest elements of your program, and what makes it unique:

Our main goal is producing quality, informative content by our news teams, sponsored by our clients, that can connect us and them to our audiences. We aim for the audience to gain a benefit from watching our branded content videos: learn something new, find out about resources in their community, discover new initiatives that could help them. With a main core US Hispanics audience, we make a daily commitment of informing them in ways that can make their lives better and we’ve gathered a group of clients that share that same care for the local community.

As we always say, our “special sauce” is Noticias Ya’s connection with the local communities and Branded Content allow us to connect advertisers and the local audiences, giving a service message and helping the community.


Branded content is an important revenue opportunity for media groups and advertisers because …

It has always been, since the beginning of journalistic and media enterprises. Even though not everybody notices, due to its seamless structure, which is -at the same time- the reason why it is so effective as a brand representation for both the media group and the advertiser. Branded content has been shaping our culture for decades (if it weren’t for branded content, we wouldn’t have soap operas), and in the digital era the opportunities are only expanding. Advertisers are noticing more that branded content is a solid partnership between a media group and them, where they can collaborate to produce quality content that reflects highly on both brands. With increasing “banner blindness” and more digital users recurring to Ad blockers, we believe branded content is steadily positioning itself in digital as an effective tool for both advertisers and media brands (it even has a higher brand recall rate than banners and regular Ads).

The aspect of the Branded Content Project Beta Group that excites us the most is …

  • To learn from others and see what is coming
  • The opportunity to exchange successful practices and keep learning as Digital Marketing evolves
  • To be able to learn from different media partners how to do better branded content that will benefit our company on the sales goals and also benefit our audience with high quality sponsored content

We hope to learn [fill-in-the-blank] through the Branded Content Project:

  • About new approaches that could work within our branded content initiative, content and revenue wise. How to improve our content’s engagement, quality, workflow and delivery
  • Get to know which challenges are other media facing on branded content, how are their teams are composed and their workflows

If a media organization were just starting to sell branded content, we would tell them …

  • To look at it as an opportunity to create and grow having fun
  • Look for the opportunities already created from traditional media sales teams, take advantage of the data and target reaching digital platforms provide, and keep true to your brand core values when producing branded content The same high standards that you apply to editorial content should apply to branded content as well, to deliver the best for yours and the advertisers’ brands
  • Keep it creative, always open-minded
  • “You are entering a partnership where the brand association with us will expand your penetration in the market”

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