Describe your initiative, what you see as the strongest elements of your program, and what makes it unique:

While is a relatively new player in the digital space (as of 2015), what makes our branded content initiative unique is a 40 year connection to the community. We leverage insights gained from this longstanding relationship in order to bring authentic, sponsored content to our audience and a deep understanding and insights about their needs and preferences to the client. We always have a way of turning a client’s message into a program that will “fit” our audience.

Branded content is an important revenue opportunity for media groups and advertisers because …

Branded content allows the true value proposition of a media property – in our case a connection to the community – to shine. The explosion of digital content means audience are inundated with messages and advertising. Branded content provides a “third way” that is uniquely tailored to both advertiser and audience. Its potential is truly unlimited, not only because of the audience appetite for relevant content that speaks to them, but also because production costs are increasingly affordable, making margins increasingly strong.

When it comes to reaching diverse audiences, branded content is an extremely valuable, even affordable tactic. When advertisers partner with an “ethnic” media property the upside is ten-fold in terms of insight and credibility because the media property typically has deep roots and experiences serving the very niche market that may have stumped an agency or brand.

The aspect of the Branded Content Project Beta Group that excites us the most is …

Learning takeaways and hard won lessons from fellow media properties in the trenches. Branded content can be done at any scale, but best practices can be very universal. Because the social-digital landscape is ever-evolving, this project helps to accelerate the learning curve a bit. Plus, the diversity – from broadcast to print and purely digital platforms – provides an additional layer to parse and adopt best practices from.

We hope to learn [fill-in-the-blank] through the Branded Content Project:

We hope to learn to formalize our branded content program from The Branded Content Project. On one hand, we provide a strong incentive for agencies and direct advertisers to engage us because we are willing to try anything (and we’re agile enough – so long as it “fits” our editorial environment and audience). However, we suspect we cannot scale that kind of flexibility with our lean staff, and we’d like to figure out our menu of offerings, how to measure it and market it. We also hope to learn more about realistic KPI’s we can promise.

If a media organization were just starting to sell branded content, we would tell them …

Know your audience! Do not deviate from what their data and preferences are telling you. Your value prop is not just scale, it is the insights you have about your readers/viewer/users that advertisers need.

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