Describe your initiative, what you see as the strongest elements of your program, and what makes it unique:

The Denver Post Content Studio is built on top of our greatest asset – our large, brand-safe and engaged local audiences. Our suite of direct-sold branded content solutions provide us with unique offerings that are delivering value to our advertising customers, helping us win-back customers and grow share of wallet. In addition, our sponsorship approach has created scarcity – and value – and is providing us with a truly scalable growth model.


Branded content is an important revenue opportunity for media groups and advertisers because …

content marketing is a top priority for advertisers and media companies are uniquely positioned to deliver content marketing solutions. As branded content budgets grow, media groups have an incredible opportunity to serve as the local experts and go-to-partners to support advertisers with these important programs.

The aspect of the Branded Content Project Beta Group that excites us the most is …

the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with media companies across formats and geographic regions.

We hope to learn [fill-in-the-blank] through the Branded Content Project:

We hope to learn what is working and what is not working across the country/globe through the Branded Content Project.

If a media organization were just starting to sell branded content, we would tell them …

This is a unique opportunity for a media organization to drive revenue, profit and relevance. While anyone and everyone can sell marketing services like PPC, programmatic and targeted email ONLY media organizations have the scale of audience paired with established track record of quality content production to deliver on branded content.

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