The Winter Olympics, which are right around the corner — it’s kicking off Feb. 9 in PyeongChang  — offer a great opportunity to build products and revenue streams.

Here are three things you could consider doing:


KPRC, a Graham Media television station, has created sponsorship revenue through a few avenues:

• Medal Counts

During the Olympics, KPRC updates their Olympic Medal Count in the early morning and evening newscasts and on the homepage Medal Tracker. They are selling two sponsors that will appear in the medal counter on TV and online.

• Olympic Countdown Clock has also been counting down to the games with a major Olympic sponsor on a Countdown Clock.  This leaderboard clock with the client logo has been running on their  sponsored sports page since December.


There are a variety of ways your audience can have some fun around quizzes and the Olympics. Here are three ideas offered by Second Street:

Which famous Winter Games athlete are you?

Which Winter Games event should you play?

How well do you remember the 2014 Winter Games?

All of these are interactive, fun for readers and offer an opportunity to monetize.


Could you keep up with a local athlete who has local ties throughout the games in a diary format? Daily would be difficult but something that describes their experiences would be insightful. This could potentially be accomplished through connecting with their family and having their family tell the athlete’s experience and story.