Paid Advertising

Want to make ordering an email marketing campaign simple for your clients? Site Impact is your answer.

Something you may not know is Site Impact has been has been powering major marketing companies as a Private Label Email Data & Technology solution for nearly 10 years.  Our proprietary technology supports digital marketing and media companies, by providing geo-targeted, hyper-local, email marketing and digital advertising.

Our database is comprised of 140 million+ opt-in emails with 300+ lifestyle and interest selects.  Target your audience by segments including: age, gender, geo, HHI, levels of interest and more! We are constantly adding to our database to ensure that you have access to the most responsive data in the marketplace.  With Site Impact, we will drive the right audience to your website, allowing you to successfully promote events, drive sales and increase brand awareness.

Why is it important to incorporate email into your advertising and marketing plans with one who is leading it? Simply said, email is the most cost effective way to reach your advertiser or client’s most engaged customers in your target markets.

Some benefits of utilizing Site Impact as a private label email service provider:

  • Access to one of the largest, most ‘hygienic’ databases in the marketplace
  • Secure competitive wholesale pricing
  • Higher guaranteed click-through rates
  • Real-time reporting
  • Custom API’s and integrations

Now, you know more about Site Impact, let us learn some more about YOU and your plans to launched a successful email program! Call Brandon Rosen directly at 561-685-8991 or email to discuss further email marketing opportunities.