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What services does your company provide?

AdCellerant is a technology and digital advertising company focused on making quality digital marketing accessible to every business.

AdCellerant achieves this goal by partnering with local marketers, media companies, agencies, and channel sales organizations, helping them leverage AdCellerant’s proprietary advertising software platform, UI.Marketing.

Is your company offering any new products or services since COVID-19? Please describe.

Our partners and their advertisers have been affected by COVID-19 in unprecedented ways. We shifted our entire focus to help create sustainable business models that have social distancing as the centerpiece. Some of these tactics are as simple as helping clients create virtual methods for executing a normal business transaction or as complicated as helping them set up a “digital storefront” to sell their products via e-commerce.

For our partners, we have implemented new and less expensive pricing to help them reduce their costs while increasing revenue. We understand that cash flow is important during the pandemic and potential recession. Our team immediately began producing content to assist our partners and their advertisers during this time. The content includes sample creative messaging, advertising strategies, product sales strategies, and more to help them identify opportunities within their customer base.

By focusing on our customers and their customers, we were able to create a forecast for AdCellerant that flattens the negative “business curve” created by COVID-19. The company is now showing signs of growth after precipitous losses caused by stay-at-home orders.

What makes your company unique?

UI.Marketing is what differentiates AdCellerant from other companies. UI.Marketing allows a marketer to plan, buy, execute and report on Email Marketing, Native Advertising, Paid Search, Organic Search, IP Targeting, Geo-Fencing, Social Media, PreRoll Video, OTT, Programmatic Streaming, and more through a single platform.

We’re also quite proud of our team’s diverse background, tremendous experience, and proven track record. Our creative and collaborative environment is designed to give each individual the ability to deliver their best performance every day. It’s the team’s continuous dedication to our Partners’ successes that has made AdCellerant one of the fastest-growing companies and ranking on the Inc. 5000 list the last two years. The entire AdCellerant team is based in Denver, CO, and has been named one of the best places to work by Built In Colorado.

“BCI Media Services has seen revenue growth in March and April of 2020.  This has been largely due to a great team, and people that have chosen to find opportunity in the chaos.  A significant impact in this has been our relationship with Adcellerant.  We have increased our focus on training, Zach has helped run several trainings with our team, with more scheduled.  Additionally, the AdCellerant team has been great with the RFP process, and we have had brainstorming and strategy calls for potential clients, this has led to closing new sales, and increasing existing campaigns.  BCI has historically been successful because when our clients grow, we grow- and Adcellerant has fit into that equation perfectly, by the results-driven, customer first shared approach, all parties have benefited greatly.”

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Ben Bouslog
Senior Director of Business Development