There may be no better time than the spring when it comes to engaging readers and utilizing tools like contests, polls and quizzes.

Here are a bunch of ideas for your Spring content:

1. Answer St. Patrick’s Day questions: This post from Readers Digest does a good job of explaining the holiday. And this one from USA TODAY does an interesting job explaining the traditions.

2. Provide a guide to St. Patrick’s Day: This TV station does a great job telling readers everything they need to know about the holiday in their town from parking to bars that are open. A great reader service.

3. Help readers be safe: Tell readers how they can access rides homes, whether free or through ride share services, after a day or night of St. Patrick’s Day fun.

4. Capture those St. Patrick’s Day crowds: This gallery captures posed photos of readers at a St. Patrick’s Day event last year. It’s a great way of getting lots of faces on your site.

5. Do a backyard makeover contest: Via Second Street, this is a great time of year to find a sponsor and ask readers to submit their request for why they should win the makeover.

6. Help parents decorate eggs: Always think about content that can be helpful for your audience. This post provides fresh egg-decorating ideas for parents. A great video opportunity.

7. A funny Easter photo contest: Ask readers to share their funniest or worst Easter bunny photos. Some of these are classic!

8. A to-know primer for Cinco de Mayo: This offers readers some history, events and places to eat for the holiday.

9. How not to celebrate Cinco de Mayo: Some good tips here on how not to embarrass yourself.

10. Create a graduation digital destination: This paper showcases all of their graduation galleries in one place. So much to click on! Nice sponsorship opportunity.

11. Can you stream high school graduations? Can you utilize a streaming service or Facebook Live’s platform for high school graduations? Could be a nice engagement opportunity. It would take some work with a local school district.

12. Is college worth it? Graduation time is the perfect time to write about trends with graduates. This piece looked at why many don’t believe college is worth it.

13. Mommy and Me for Mother’s Day: Via Second Street, this contest encouraged readers to submit photos of mom and her daughter. Another twist could be a draw mom contest. Here are more ideas.