Things kicked off with a greeting from the publisher of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

A record number of attendees this year.

Monday got kicked off with a great session with a group of very talented college students.

This Ken Doctor slide garnered a lot of attention.

During a session focused on those who are acquiring and investing, Hearst’s COO said this.

NextDoor shared how news organizations are using their platform.

Focusing on the business of journalism was discussed many times.

API released show fresh data on subscribers.

The LMA Board after their meeting.

GateHouse Media doing a ton of events.

Good tip on owning your database from Second Street.

Thanks, Chris.

Facebook says they want trusted news.

Keep your current subscribers!

A design thinking primer.

Watch you your users behave and engage.

Gaining trusted business advisor status.

Love the luxury box.

Congrats to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, this year’s Innovator of the Year.

Catch up with a ton of great photos from Mega.

Mega will be in Vegas next year. Save the date!