Here are three ideas to consider in the month of April:

1. Good Friday: Is Good Friday a holiday in your city or state? There are only about a dozen states that make it a holiday but many schools close for what they call a Spring holiday. Is there a drive to make it an official holiday in your town or state? Visit with politicians for their take. What do school leaders, city officials and church leaders think?

2. Earth Day: Have some fun with Earth Day and come up with some things that you audience could do with a newspaper for Earth Day. This is a fun piece that The Seattle Times put together looking at ideas of ways you could use your paper for the holiday, including making a dress. Bring video into the picture and show your audience how to do it.


3. Nice weather: The weather should finally start turning a little warmer come April. Here are a few ideas to help your readers discover the outdoors:

• List the restaurants in your area where you can eat or drink outside (or the best ones if you’re in a big market)

• Showcase the places where your readers can hike, bike or walk in your community now that it’s nice outside.

• List the top events in the month that you can go to for free that are outside.