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• Name of company: AdMall, Powered by SalesFuel

• What service does your company provide? Local business intelligence for consultative advertising and digital sales Intelligence.

• What makes your company unique? SalesFuel’s AdMall can pay for itself with just one sale! At SalesFuel our mission has remained the same for 28 years: help reps Sell Smarter®. We do that by giving them the knowledge about their client’s or prospect’s business, customers and competitors. This helps reps save time and work more efficiently. AdMall is the sales intelligence leader for local media and digital marketing. The newly updated Digital Audit tool does a real-time snapshot of a client’s or prospect’s digital presence in less than a minute and now has even more features.

Who can I contact for more info? Beth Frederick, Vice President of Marketing, SalesFuelbfrederick@salesfuel.com