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What services does your company provide?

BlueVenn provides marketers with all the analytics, predictive insight, and omnichannel marketing automation capabilities they need. Powered by its Customer Data Platform, it works to create a real-time Single Customer View of every touchpoint, to help businesses utilize advanced segmentation, analytics and personalization to improve the customer experience and achieve acquisition and retention KPIs. More than 400 brands worldwide use BlueVenn’s omnichannel marketing and Customer Data Platform solutions. BlueVenn has five offices, located across the US, UK and France.

Features at-a-glance:

  • Unify Online/Offline Data into the Customer Data Platform
  • Single Customer View & Creation of Golden Record
  • Omnichannel Marketing & Customer Journeys
  • Real-Time Marketing & Digital Personalization
  • Customer Analytics & Data Visualizations
  • Customer Segmentation & Out-of-the-Box RFV Models
  • Predictive Analytics, Insights & Attribution Wizards
  • Integrations & Connectors to all your Existing Systems

What makes your company unique?

BlueVenn turns “batch & blast” marketers, with little or no insights about their customers, into data scientists firing out highly targeted, 1-to-1, real-time marketing campaigns. And with no added skills or training needed!

It acts as an integration hub by connecting all the marketer’s existing marketing technologies. Every email campaign, SMS, direct mail, advertising (or any other channel) can be executed and triggered by BlueVenn’s customer journey workflow, with the results also flowing back into BlueVenn in real-time. As a customer interacts, purchases, replies, or opts out, the web experience can change, the offline experience can be altered, and the customer’s journey is affected.

This “always-on” customer journey mentality is a dramatic shift away from the linear marketing campaign that still exists at many brands today, and our clients are seeing massive rewards by converting to BlueVenn’s way of thinking.

“BlueVenn gives us the ability to create digital marketing strategies for multiple people in each household. More importantly, we can now track how anonymous web users convert into prospects, understand who those prospects are, and gauge the likelihood of them subscribing or consuming our services. This allows us to deliver integrated, one-on-one communications with our customers with the right message at the right time, through traditional or digital marketing channels.”

– Director of Consumer Sales and Marketing at GateHouse Media

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Anthony Botibol
VP Marketing