Father’s Day is a few weeks away and there a bunch of ways to engage your audience with stories, contests and quizzes about Dad’s Day.

1. Stories about Dad

Readers Digest asked readers to in 100 words or less, share the “poignant tales of the bond between father and child.” The call-to-action turned into 14 short stories the magazine was able to feature.

2. What new dads now know

This piece from ABC News profiled five new dads and what they now know about fatherhood. It’s a fun piece and could be serious or humorous if you could connect with a few new dads, either in separate profiles or better yet, a roundtable.

3. Advice from Dad

This story from Huffington Post focuses on advice that millennials got from their dads that now makes sense that they are a bit older. Both the idea above and this one could be done roundtable style or through social media call outs.

4. Changed families

The traditional American family sure looks a lot different today than it did years ago. How does Dad fit in to that traditional family today and what are the expectations for Dad as a good family man today? This piece goes deep on the topic. You could do this as well by talking to local experts and Dads who are living in a non traditional family set up.

5. Quizzes and contests

Second Street has a nice roll up of contests, quizzes and sweepstakes you could do for Father’s Day. There are oodles of options here.

6. Draw Dad

This is always a fun one, asking kids to draw a picture of what their dad looks like. An actual photo of what Dad looks like would be nice to feature with the drawings. You could also do a father-son lookalike contest.