Graduation season is here and that means tons of photo galleries and videos. But it also can mean good news stories and interesting lists.

Here are four ideas you could consider this year.

1. What happens to those who graduated but didn’t have stellar grades? Is college still an option or are there other trade paths they could take? Look at the trend and provide some useful services for those in that situation. Here’s an example from The Guardian.

2. Attending graduations can be maddening because of the crowds and all of the security rules. Help your audience be aware of things they should know before they go with a nice list. This is an example of what one college provided.

3. This is a great time of year to do feel-good stories on graduates who have overcome something. From the Sun Sentinel, this is a nice example.

4. Those who are graduating from college may be going off their parent’s home and car insurance and if so, how do they navigate that process? Or is that not what’s happening in your community, are students staying on for a longer period of time? See what kind of data might be available locally through insurance companies and colleges.