As your newsroom prepares for August, here are some story ideas to consider:

1. Covering the summer heat

Here are a bunch of ideas you can do. First, the hard news stuff. Is the summer heat wave happening because of global warming? Talk to a few experts. What about the impacts it has had on the electric grid and prices for consumers? And a few lighter ideas: Why does the summer heat make us so grumpy? Or the impact it has on our cars. And finally, help parents come up with heat hack ideas for their kids.

 2. War of words on college campuses

An interesting way to preview college campuses starting school back up would be to look at this trend of protests on campuses and how some colleges are simply dis-inviting speakers because of student outrage. Has this happened at your college? Even if it hasn’t, what are your colleges’ policies regarding who gets invited and who doesn’t? And who is invited so far this year?

3. Seek a parent essay

This is an interesting essay on things a parent wants their teen to know as they navigate middle school. It’s a great personal look into a parent’s life and struggles. See if you can find parents in your community who are willing to share a letter they would like to write to their kid.

4. Make back-to-school shopping a financial lesson

This Forbes piece looks at how back-to-school shopping can teach kids about responsible spending and how to use a budget. This could be a how-to story for parents.

5. Late-summer travel deals

August is apparently a great month to get a last-minute travel deal. CNBC says flights going to Europe are super cheap and Forbes lists a bunch of deals not to miss. You could help your audience travel overseas or provide them guidance on how to discover their own state in August. A “it’s not too late to have a great cheap summer” post.

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