Here are five things to know about the Local Media Association Foundation Board:

1. How many people make up the Foundation Board? There are 11 media executives on the Foundation board right now. One of those executives is the individual who serves as the Chairman of the Local Media Association Board.

2. What are the  board members’ backgrounds? You can see them  here. The board is made up of CEOs of technology companies, product heads, publishers of newspapers and sales directors of television stations.

3. What is the foundation board charged with? The organization’s Innovation Missions, research case studies, training and more.

4. Have Innovation Missions become a big focus of the board? Definitely. More than a year ago, LMA decided to launch regional Innovation Missions to places like Texas, Atlanta and San Francisco. In addition to the larger national ones, these regional ones have been able to focus on key topics. For example, our latest Innovation Mission focused on audience development and content innovation in San Francisco.

5. What does the foundation board do with training? The board is in charge of the training direction for LMA. There are two ways the board thinks about this. (1) They focus on traditional training and there are a host of services that LMA offers like our sales training certification and more. (2) Providing training through experiences like our Chief Digital Clubs, Chief Content Clubs and Innovation Missions.

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